Anniversary Jewellery Gift

One of the most common gifts that people give their significant other is an item of jewellery. When men can’t think of what to buy, then the safest bet for them is to buy an item of jewellery because it is meaningful, everlasting and sentimental. It is also a perfect gift to give to the person who is the closest to you.

While gifting jewellery is the safest thing to, the next question that arises is which jewellery to buy. The options are endless when you are buying jewellery for the lady in your life because there is just so much that is available in the market. Gone are the days when there used to be the same thing available everywhere. Nowadays, new designs of gold earrings can be found on every trip to the jeweller. This article, lists down some ideas that you can consider while buying jewellery on your next anniversary. It will not only make her happy but also ensure that you earn extra brownie points for yourself.
  • A classy gold watch – if you are looking for something utility based and are still in the early years of your marriage, then buying a gold watch is the safest bet. It is not going overboard with gifting and it is also not showing lack of effort. It is just right. There are so many options to choose from, both online and offline. If money is crunch, then look for options that are gold toned rather than going for something that is pure gold.
  • Necklace – as you progress into the marriage, and reach your first milestone as a couple, then gifting an elegant necklace is a good option. Think of something that is sapphire based and choose a colour that your better half likes. Something like a pink tourmaline looks extremely good when used in a pendant form and will make your wife extremely happy. Its versatile nature will help her wear it on many different occasions and will make her flaunt it again and again.
  • Diamond earrings – as you reach even a bigger milestone, like completing a decade together, then choose a classic pair of diamond earrings as your gift of choice. You can either choose one in a stud form if she does not already have that. In case, she already has it, then choose drop down diamond earrings. They look extremely gorgeous and makes for a great piece of investment as well. Plan a fancy dinner along with it so that she has the chance to flaunt it right away!
  • Emerald ring – diamond rings for girls are reserved for proposal purposes. When you are looking at rings as a gifting option, then go for something more precious, like emerald. They are one of the four precious gemstones and can be a little tricky to purchase. Emeralds are infamous for being a difficult stone to set. Jewellers often do not take the guarantee of the stone not chipping during the setting time in case you are purchasing loose emerald. This is why it is best to choose one that has already been set, in this case in the form of a ring. It will save you from future hassles.
It is best to always trust your gut while buying that gift for her because there is no one who knows her better than you do. For times when you are stuck and need someone to help you out without you having to ask for help, then bookmark this article and keep coming back to it every time you need an idea!