Joyful Relationship

Being in love is one of the most beautiful experiences you can have. Whether you are dating or married, the thrill that a lovely relationship offers cannot be compared to anything else. However, many couples today find it tough to maintain the constant feeling of devotion for each other. 

Bitterness seems to start taking over soon, and within no time, the spark in the relationship begins to fade away. There are, however, several ways as to how couples can rekindle the fire in a relationship and take it to further heights. Let us look at it one by one:

Shun the Fear of Judgement

If you have a fear of being judged, then you cannot be completely open with your partner. It can lead to several misunderstandings that can be detrimental to the overall relationship. Drop the fear of judgement and try to be brutally open with your better half. More problems are created when people try to hide things under the carpet. If you can bring transparency to the relationship, you will be seeing your love blossoming.

Let Go of the Past

Dwelling on the past can breed nothing but huge frustration. It is unhealthy for both the parties involved in a relationship. If one is bringing out each and everything from the past always, it can be pretty hard to deal with. One should know that a great love story is built by living every moment intensely. Try to enjoy every small thing in life together so that you can have a lot of things to remember in the future.

Be a Good Listener

A bad listener can’t be a good lover. If one is not paying enough attention to what the other half is saying, there are bound to be quarrels. Being a good listener for your spouse not only prevents unnecessary arguments but also makes you more empathetic. Practice meditation which helps a lot in staying more attentive instead of getting distracted.

Drop Unhealthy Habits

Bad habits can repel not just your better half but anybody. Unhealthy habits, when practised for a long time, can jeopardize a relationship severely. The most common addictions that enervate a lot of people are smoking and drinking. These two vices have become the leading causes of a decline in intimacy among couples. One should try to beat both these addictions as quickly as possible. Those who feel they are over-dependent on alcohol can try alternatives like cranberry juice and other healthy appetizers. Smokers, on the other hand, can explore useful substitutes like nicotine gums, e-cigarettes etc, which has a moderate amount of nicotine and zero tobacco inside it. It helps a lot in kicking the butt sooner.

Keep the Gadgets Away

If you visit any restaurant nowadays, you will be able to see more and more people engaged in their smartphones rather than in the conversation. The communication gap that gadgets create in people is unfortunately very huge. Cellphones are unnecessary distractions that can sap your energy. The more blocks in a communication, the higher are the chances of arguments that can happen. Try to stop checking your phone 2 hours before going to bed, and you shall see a surge in the intimacy level.

Solve All Arguments Before Going to Bed

Postponing your arguments for the next day can destroy any scope of reconciliation. It is so because it becomes much harder to get rid of angry thoughts after a night’s sleep. A study also examined the long term effects of sleeping after a negative experience where it revealed a negative impact on mental health. In short, even if you just argued with your better half, try to make peace before going to bed. Stretching it long can take a big toll on your relationship.

Do Activities As Couple

Couples having the same hobbies can take their relationship to newer heights. It can be anything from solving puzzles to cooking to binge-watching a new TV series. The little moments which are often spontaneous could be worth cherishing for a lifetime. Board Games are also fun activities that help boost intimacy. Research has shown that couples who play board games together tend to release oxytocin hormone that strengthens the love between them.

Travel to Unknown Places Together

Travelling is a hobby that is reportedly a big hit among couples nowadays and rightly so. Couples who travel together tend to bridge any gaps that may have existed between them. It may be because of a rise in communication skills while travelling to unknown places. But the biggest reason why travelling help couples in a relationship is that it makes them live in the moment. Travel to unknown places with your partner and experience the excitement together.


Love is a beautiful thing that nourishes you from within. Cultivate no habits or practices that can do any harm to the love-life of you and your better half. The above strategies will significantly help you to maintain the constant fire of love despite all hurdles and obstacles.