It’s a terribly inaccurate cliche that the kitchen is where only a woman belongs. You’ll find that many of the world’s top chefs are actually male. You also know that more and more men are finding their niche and their comfort in the kitchen, proving that it is something that anyone can turn to express their creativity and share the outcome of their skill with friends and family alike. 

So if you have a man who loves to cook, it only makes sense that getting a thoughtful gift would have something to do with cooking. 

To help you out, we’ve made a list of 7 perfect gifts you can get for them on any occasion.

1. Stainless Steel Grill Set

Getting your favourite man a stainless steel grill utensil set is bound to bring a smile to his face. These sets include all the items needed to grill, and he can use them when cooking in the kitchen. His own set of classy utensils made of high-quality stainless steel is undoubtedly a great gift to give. 

2. Travel Grill

Whether you like to camp or not, having a portable grill is an excellent idea. You can’t have a food-loving household without a decent grill! Get the man in your life a travel grill so that even if you want to go over to a friend’s place and grill up some food, he can do that whenever he likes. If you get a decent model, it’ll last him for years, and it’s an excellent way for him to show off his cooking skills anywhere he goes. Besides, these would make a wonderful father’s day gift for the cooking man. To get a couple of ideas, click here, so you know where to start. The more you research, the more options you’ll have.

3. Molecular Gastronomy Kit

For a man who has a passion for cooking, introducing him to the world of gastronomy is just a step up in cooking. Gastronomy is the science of cooking, and this kit can teach the man in your life all kinds of cool tricks and tips to make cooking much more fun than it already is for him.

4. Multi-purpose Cutting Board

Cutting boards are essential to any kitchen, but a multi-purpose cutting board is an excellent gift for the man of the house. It not only acts as a cutting board but can also have compartments underneath to store the prep and even slots for knives. This is very convenient and will definitely make cooking so much easier.

5. Cookbook For Men

Cooking is not specific to men and women with certain recipes, but there’s no denying that there are a couple of dishes that all men can vouch for when it comes to cooking. You can gift the man of the house a cookbook for men with a ton of quick-cook meals, hot pot recipes, and grilling and barbecuing ideas that he’s just bound to love.

6. Smoker Box

If the man in your life loves to grill, then no grilling experience is complete without a smoker. Get him a stainless steel smoker box because it looks fantastic and gives the food an extra kick of smokiness. You can also get different wood chips that provide different flavours. Mahogany Smoked Meats will be great because they make a difference in taste and are very easy to keep by or underneath the grill.

7. Knife Set

Every cook feels exceptional and complete with their own set of knives. So this is bound to pull at your favourite man’s heartstrings if you go the extra mile and get a nice set of professional knives in a nice casing.

A man who loves to cook will undoubtedly have things that will excite him regarding kitchen and cooking items. This is why you can’t go wrong if you go for any of the items mentioned in this list. We’ve made sure to pick out unique options and speak to a man who enjoys his time in the kitchen and has a real passion for cooking. 

By getting any of these, you show your appreciation and understanding of how cooking is more than an activity for them. So go all out and really get them something unique that stands out. Be sure not to flake out on quality and do your research to find the best brands because when something is quality, it shows and lasts for much longer.