In this day and age, an iPhone is every phone owner's luxury phone. Everyone wants to own one of those, and it's also likely that many individuals save up to buy an iPhone each year. The newer the model, the higher the demand for it. However, with so many newer models coming out each year, it's hard to keep track of quality phone holders that are specifically made for these newer models.

Off late, there are plenty of phone holders such as - pop sockets and pop socket rings that have overtaken the market with the phone holder trend. How reliable are they, though? How long can one use these items before requiring to purchase them again? Will they last you long, and do they pose any health hazards to the user?

Here are a few essential features that any iPhone Stand must-have. Keeping these points in mind, you can go forward to purchase the kind of stand you prefer for your iPhone X.

The Angle

Every time you keep your phone on its stand vertically, to view the contents on your phone clearly and comfortably, the best stance is when it is placed at an angle of 60 degrees. However, if you are planning to look at or watch something on the phone, such as a photograph or a movie/ documentary/ any motion picture - horizontally, make sure to keep it at 40 degrees angle. So making sure that the iPhone X stand for your iPhone has this feature makes it a qualifying feature to go ahead and buy it.

You can have the true-mobile experience, wherein you can easily unlock your phone with the Facial Unlock system. Staying on a video chat with your friends and family, as well as to conduct video conferencing calls from your home, read a book or browse through the news easily, is also a feature that is much enjoyed. 

2. The Width of the Product

Another very distracting feature that most iPhone stands have is their bulk. In order to keep it sturdy, they put emphasis on using products that are bulky but cheap to buy. The main focus is relayed on being a product that has a maximum profitability margin. However, in all essentiality, it is mandatory that design, look, and feasibility wise, companies should consider manufacturing iPhone stands that are sturdy yet thin - so that it doesn't look too bulky and takes up too much room in your pockets. Avoid that bulge at any cost. Going for a product that is sleek in shape and yet will not tumble at the slightest variation is a key feature to have in any iPhone stand for desk.

3. Multi-way use

The ideal - best iPhone desk stand is the one that has the ability to be adapted to use in plenty of ways. It can be used as a desk stand or even as a magnetic stand in cars, on the fridge, etc. With the help of a magnetic sticky pad at the back of the iPhone that also works as a stand on desks, its multi-use functionality makes it a much more practical product to purchase. This enhances the way one experiences usage of their iPhone X stand.

Making sure that these three key features are a major part of any iPhone X stand is of vital importance. At the same time, it would also be quite unusual to have some more added features, such as the ability to remove the stand without the messy phone glue that stays residual on the back of the phone. Having it also includes the feature of being a cardholder makes its use more diverse, and one can then start becoming a cash-free spender, making one a responsible spender as well.