Greener Energy

Green energy technologies are good for the environment. Nobody argues that fact, not even those who challenge the science behind climate change. But what most people don't realize is that greener energy is also good for humans, too. While telling people that switching to greener energy will help protect wildlife and prevent extreme weather patterns can be a little abstract, the most convincing reasons are the ones that communities can see in their own back yard. Here are just a few.

Stronger Communities

In many places, the local municipalities collect taxes on green energy technologies. These local taxes go to fund local projects, schools, parks, and municipal services. So, when your hometown is considering a green energy project, it should be understood as more than an infrastructure project. It's also a fundraiser for a stronger community.

Jobs, Jobs, Jobs

The green energy sector is still one of the fastest-growing energy sectors in the developed world. Renewable energy technologies create nearly half a million jobs per year. As people increasingly transition to cleaner energy alternatives, the demand for skilled technicians, renewed infrastructure and researchers also grow. Making the switch helps to create jobs that will be around for years to come and encourages research that will create jobs in the future.


Most renewable energy technology is modular and generally widespread. That means that there are fewer catastrophic failures and they are less susceptible to a cyber attack. Problems in one area are less likely to affect the surrounding areas. Additionally, renewable energy technologies don't require imports or exports. The sun, wind, rain, etc. necessary to produce energy are all local, making our economies less dependent on foreign energy.

Public Health

The fight over the construction of a new pipeline or power station often has little to do with the demand or the source of the fuel. It is almost always a fight about the health of the communities closest to the proposed project. It is a fight over the use and management of the land, water, and air. By replacing fossil fuels with renewable energy, you improve the air quality, reduce the risk of toxic spills, and ensure that the land used to generate green energy is sustainably managed. Fewer fossil fuels mean fewer toxic emissions into the atmosphere which is linked to better health outcomes for the people living close to power plants.

Lower Energy Costs

It is estimated that by 2030 solar and wind energy will undercut the cost of oil and gas in nearly every market, which means the rates for renewable energy are very reasonable. But you don't have to wait until then to take advantage of green energy at affordable rates. There are great 100% green energy companies available to service your needs. According to, Bulb is the cheapest renewable energy company on the market and is one of the most trusted renewable energy companies around. Taking the time to do some comparison shopping could be worth your time and energy. Who doesn't want to lower their energy costs while saving the planet?

Choice and Competition

Most utilities are monopolies. The power company is the only game in town and so the consumers are at their mercy. Greener technologies include on-site projects as well. As more and more companies offer consumers the option of buying cheap, clean energy, local fossil fuel energy companies are forced to either include a green energy option or provide consumers other incentives.
solar panels
Currently, greener energy is usually done in one of three ways. The first is an on-site power generation. These are usually solar panels and may include a network of batteries to store the generated power. Some homes and buildings are completely "off-grid", relying completely on their own ability to generate power. The second way to access greener energy is to purchase renewable energy from your local utility provider. The third method is a system of renewable energy certificates. This is done in many ways, but the basis is to account for the percentage of energy used that is generated by green technologies. By opting into such a system, you can take advantage of greener energy without the stress of installing a windmill in your backyard.

The idea of greener energy is one that nearly everybody can get behind. The goals of green energy technology is a universally accepted good, but for too long it has seemed to be out of reach for the average consumer. Luckily, those solutions are becoming more and more affordable to the average consumer. As more consumers take advantage of local green energy initiatives the future of renewable energy and the planet will continue to flourish.