If you enjoy working with children, then a career in paediatric nursing can get you the best of both worlds. Although rewarding, Paediatric nursing is a very demanding career. You will be working with children of all ages who are suffering from different ailments. Your role as a paediatric nurse is crucial for assessing the nursing needs while considering the child's growth and development of conditions and diseases. Because the patients are relatively younger, paediatric nurses form strong relational ties with their patients. This may be through playing games, holding their hands during tough procedures, or just being goofy.

As a paediatric nurse with a medical nursing agency, you will be performing duties that you would perform for any other adult. But these duties need to be done with greater care and attention. As such, you will have a greater influence on the future of your patients. From positive health practices to health promotion, there is much to expect from this profession.

Specialities in Paediatric Nursing 

Paediatric Oncology 

Here, you will be treating patients who are facing complications from tumours. Although your duties resemble that of adult oncology, treating children with cancer is not the same as you would do for adults. The same kind of cancer may have different protocols in children. The side effects of the treatment may also be overbearing on children and may affect the child's growth and development. Also, some kinds of cancers occur only in children, and you need to have specialist knowledge on dealing with such complications.

Neonatal Intensive Care 

Like with the adult ITU, nurses working in neonatal intensive care serve the most fragile patients- the sick and premature newborns. These dedicated professionals are in the front lines when it comes to assisting parents in dealing with a traumatic situation. These primary patients need to be cared for and monitored for varying time durations.

Sometimes, this duration can stretch to weeks or months before the babies are fully developed, regain their health, and go home. One of the major differences between a regular and neonatal intensive care unit is, you will have lesser patients to care for. While this may sound easy, remember that the paediatric unit does not have uniform treatments. You need to tailor the medications and treatment plans based on your patient's stage in development.

This specialised nursing area is also prone to emotionally taxing moments. After all, it is not easy to witness young children losing their fight to illness. It is also equally taxing to see the impact on their families. But not everything is emotionally low. You will even be aiding patients on a path of full recovery.

Benefits of Being a Paediatric Nurse 

Satisfaction of Improving a Child's Health 

Nursing is all about helping others and treating those who are ill or in pain. Being a paediatric nurse with a medical nursing agency, you will be able to help a sick child get the right kind of treatment. This is indeed a rewarding experience since no one likes to see a child suffer. Routine duties like annual checkups and vaccinations help to keep the child healthy. Your efforts will make the parents feel reassured, which can create many positive feelings.

Life Benefits 

What can be the greatest perks of being an agency nurse? well, it's undoubtedly the degree of flexibility. You can choose to work in any number or any type of shift. This gives you plenty of work-life balance and lets you take long weekend vacations and spend quality time with your family. You are entitled to additional benefits while working in hospitals. For instance, gaining additional certifications makes you a specialist service provider.

This advantage lets you be more flexible with your schedules. This recognition as an expert nurse is something worthy to cherish. You can even opt to join paediatric nurse clubs that house expert nurses in paediatrics. This will boost your reputation among your peers, and you will be visualized as someone who can provide excellent paediatric care.

Community Benefits 

Communities greatly benefit from the superior care provided to patients. However, children are the vulnerable population of the community who require extra attention. As a paediatric nurse, you will be contributing to making the community healthier. By focusing your efforts on children, you are bringing joy to not only parents but also the community as a whole.

You will be recognised as someone who is making a significant contribution to the community. Irrespective of whether it is a local hospital or a physician group, you will be identified as an individual with a higher calling along with the website. It is common for communities and employers to honour paediatric nurses for their selfless efforts. After all, giving back to the community through service is, in itself, an ultimate benefit.

A career in paediatric nursing is versatile and fulfilling. Like any other profession, it has its own challenges and merits. But if you love to help and nurture others, then paediatric nursing may be the right career choice for you.