Purchasing Hemp Oil for Dogs

The on-going debate about whether cannabis has medical benefits will not cease anytime soon. Nevertheless, more research studies about its effectivity are rising. One of them was a breakthrough study about dogs.

Skepticism is one of the contributing factors why people are adamant about trying cannabis, especially for canines. Some would say, ‘Why anyone would feed their dogs something that is not even acceptable for human consumption?’ Still, Dr. Joseph Wakshlag of Cornell University’s College of Veterinary Medicine tested the effects of hemp oil for dogs, and the results were phenomenal.

What was the Study?

Dr. Wakshlag led his team on studying the effects of hemp oil in dogs. Their study, ‘Pharmacokinetics, Safety, and Clinical Efficacy of Cannabidiol Treatment in Osteoarthritic Dogs,’ is considered a breakthrough in the field of veterinary science.

Initially, the team wanted to know what would happen if dogs took hemp-based oil orally. So, they gave dogs with osteoarthritis a dose of it or placebo oil. While the whole study lasted for 12 hours, Dr. Wakshlag announced that the results impressed them even before the research was over.

The outcome of their study showed that the pups experienced relief, reduced pain, and had an increase in activity after taking hemp oil. Moreover, it guaranteed that there were no significant side effects that went along with it.

The study of the group also suggested that 2mg per kg of cannabidiol (CBD) taken twice a day can make osteoarthritic dogs feel comfortable and energetic.

What to Look For When Buying Hemp Oil For Dogs?

Here are some consumer tips you must follow to ensure that the hemp oil you buy for your dogs is of the best quality:

Certificate of Analysis (COA)

The COA proves that an independent third party laboratory has analyzed the product, including its CBD and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) levels and screenings for contaminants. If you can, try to verify whether the analysis happened at multiple stages, and which one was tested: the raw extract or the finished product.

When looking at the certificate of analysis, always see to it that the following data is present:

  • Cannabinoid profile which shows the amount and concentration of each cannabinoid in the product
  • Terpene profile
  • Elemental analysis to tell whether there are heavy metals in it
  • Pesticide and fungicide analysis
  • Bacterial, microbe and mycotoxin testing to guarantee that there are no bacteria or pathogens that are harmful to the dogs

Technique Used

For the safety of your dogs, verify what type of pressing method the company uses. It is best to look for one which utilizes a solvent-free process. The technique brings a cleaner and healthier tincture without any chemical solvent.

Choose Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil

There are two different kinds of hemp oil: full-spectrum and seed oil. The former comes from the extracts of hemp’s stalk, branches, leaves, and anything but the seed. It contains the psychoactive component of cannabis, known as cannabinoid, which eases the nerves.

The latter, hemp seed oil, consists of the seed and does not have any therapeutic benefits. Although, cosmetic manufacturers go after it as it is allegedly beneficial for the skin.

When purchasing hemp oil for dogs, always consider that it has high levels of CBD, rather than THC. Dogs are susceptible to psychoactive effects, which can worsen their case.

There are a lot more things dog owners should look out for when purchasing hemp oil for their dogs. Thus, the best way to determine is to research on the product and the company before closing the deal.