Sometimes it is frustrating trying to decide on a hairstyle that suits our own personal style. With so many variations in colors, cuts, and lengths, it can be difficult to narrow it down. Maybe you have your eyes set on a bob cut, or bangs, maybe a statement with bright red extensions or full hair. One style that should be on your radar for your next style choice is a balayage. This style is the natural, or seamless introduction of colorful highlight-like accents to your hair.

Now that you know what the brief idea of a balayage is, it’s time to consider what you need to know before you consider getting this look!

1. Balayage is Not An Ombre

While some people consider a balayage to be an ombre style with a different name, it is not. Balayage, like I said, is a way to seamlessly have highlights or distinct drips of color flow through the hair without apparent regrowth lines. It is a subtle way to introduce natural color into your existing hair and layers well, rather than sticks out. It’s a very effective way to move towards a new color of your hair without making it look streaky at the midway point.

2. Any Length Will Work

While most examples found online or in salons show off medium to long length hair, balayage can be done on even on short bob cuts. The work must be done more precisely as the shorter hair means that the new coloring you are adding to your hair has to look like it has already grown in. The main goal of balayage is to give that illusion that the hair has already come in and is far from the roots. It is entirely possible to do this though. Long hair to short hair is able to be styled.

3. It Takes No Time

Unfortunately with some hair styles, they take a long time to get done. These styles often involve foil and require sitting for some time to let colours or shaping take place, but not with balayage. The right stylists will be able to help you get the look you want with success. This technique takes very little time, and these hair experts from Style Lounge San Diego can attest to that statement. Some balayage styling can be as quick as 45 minutes, depending on where you are getting your hair done. The main point made here is that it is a beautiful styling option and is very quick to accomplish, which is a big plus for those who need a new style quickly for a special event in short notice. 
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4. Low Maintenance

If quick styling wasn’t good enough, then knowing it is a low maintenance hairstyle should help you. Many stylists or colorists need you to visit them often, but not with balayage. This style means you can have it done and let it sit for lengthy periods. Up to 12 to 14 weeks is common when the style is done properly, which is good news for your wallet because of the natural way your highlights will grow out.

5. Balayage Can Be Done At Home

While you may want some experience with highlights or bleaching, as well as coloring, balayage can be done at home. You will likely leave a mess in your bathroom after you’re done, but it helps to know that you can get this process done at home for less than it costs to get it done somewhere else. However, if you have grey hair or really dark hair, consulting with a salon is a good idea because they can offer more expertise than you can find elsewhere.

6. Cost

Lastly, and I mentioned it briefly in the previous point, but balayage can sometimes be a little costly. Although it can run higher than $50-75 at salons, the knowledge and experience they have is very valuable for getting a good styling job done. Likewise, the cost isn’t as bad when you consider how long the highlights last in your hair. This equals more time spent enjoying your new hair and less time going in and out of the salon spending money on maintenance.

Balayage is often confused with ombre, but they are significantly different. Balayage is a way to naturally highlight the hair so it flows seamlessly in your existing colors. This highlighting can be applied to almost any length of hair, it’s a very quick styling job, it requires low maintenance and lasts a long time, can even be done at home, and even though the cost can be high, you won’t be returning to the salon too often to touch it up. There you have it, everything you need to know before getting a balayage!