Dot peen marking is a technology machine that is used for manufacturers to automate the direct part marking process. The part marking and product used to identify the process by combining robust industrial dot peen marking. Dot peen marking machine is available in both benchtop and handheld format. Most of the industry has an advanced controller.

For you to meet as precisely, you need to have traceability and provides a wide choice of the dot peen marking equipment. However, those marking solutions equipped with the innovative. The feature that is designed to fit into the automated process. The 4 in 1 creative can decline in 4 district configuration.

Dot peen marking system can permanently mark on any metal with a hardness of up to HRC. The dot peen marking method causes hardened carbide pins to pierce into the surface of the part of the several part times. Therefore, as a result of creating a series of dents on the surface of the material. The shapes, patterns, or figures as requires, the effect of marking that can composed of the dots or continuous lines.

However, some of the Dot Peen Marking Systems can use ANC integrated touch screen, so you don’t need a separate computer. This is the result of the powerful integrated software that you can program them with ease. It also depends on the dot peen marker type. Thus it can operate on different sizes of the target. You can also get a wide range of the Dot Peen Marking Machines that are available from the Heat Sign. 

These machine marking the content can be characters text. The apparatus takes care of all daily marking needs with high accuracy. You can also save your cost when buying the machines.
The machine is fast and accurate part marking, from light engraving to deep marking.

How dot peen marking system work

The machine uses a pneumatically driven marking pin to stamp or peen a series of tiny, closely spaced dots very precisely. It has five-phase stepper motors that enable accurate and consistent mark placement that has a 0.025mm resolution on both of them. The X and Y are marking axes place dots very precisely, which results in excellent mark quality and eligibility. The vertical position of the marking head can be adjusted with the manual adjustment wheel or the optional programmable. We will get dot pin marketing products or services here:

Type of the dot peen marking systems

1.      Benchtop Dot Peen Marking Systems

The automaton line of dot peen marking systems that make marking easier than ever before. It uses one system for marking anything in your shop.
High quality marking on metal or plastic materials
Fixture attaches easily to the bases for the fast and consistent part positioning
The manual or automatic data entry options that eliminate scoring errors.

2.      Integrated Dot Peen Marking System

Pannier offers the most advanced dot peen marking systems for the factory automation of the environments, making integration of automatic pin marking fast and easy for the machine builders.
Easily integrate direct part marking
Leak detection

3.      Robotic welding cells

The progressive assembly cells, rotary or linear

4.     Rotary Marking Systems

An automaton rotary dot peen marking systems made of the programmable marking around the circumference or along the axis of round parts by rotating the region in the sync with the marking pin. Data entry can be a manual controller.

Features of the rotary marking systems

It is easy setup and data entry-no PC
Configuration available for light or deep marking metals-call us with your application
Each order is built to suit your part and deliver ready to mark.