There’s nothing that says you absolutely need a USA scratch map to take a road trip across the USA. But trust us on this one, if you get a scratch-off US map, you’re gonna love it. And makes every kind of scratch-off map USA that you can dream up. With four editions, including a fun kid’s edition, there’s a scratch-off map USA map for every kind of traveller.

First, let’s walk through the basics. What is a scratch-off US map and exactly what can it do for you? Pure and simple, a USA scratch map is a poster with an outer layer of gold or silver foil that you scratch away as you visit new places. Just got back from New York? Scratch it off your map. Did you follow Route 66 from Chicago to L.A.? Use the included scratch tool to scratch off all the states you passed through on your trip. It’s fun, interactive, and easy to do.

After you’ve started using your scratch off map USA map to track your past travels, you can start using it to plan your future ones. Every scratch-off US map comes with push pins to mark the places you’d like to see. As soon as you think up a new place, grab a push pin and mark it, that way you’ll never forget where you want to go. As you visit each new place, pull out the push pins and scratch off the outer layer.

Now let’s talk about the different editions of the scratch-off US map sells. In addition to their original scratch off map USA map, they also sell a kid’s edition, the voyage edition, and the traveller’s special. Each edition comes with the same great essentials—a scratch tool, microfiber cleaning cloth, push pins, and a gift tube—but they each have their own unique extras as well.

The kid’s edition USA scratch map is covered in gold foil and comes with 50 cute animal cards that teach your kids fun facts about each state in the USA. You also get a kid-friendly bucket list. The original comes with a family-friendly bucket list but no animal cards. The outer layer is still gold foil. The traveller’s special, by contrast, is covered in silver foil with a rich black background, and instead of a bucket list, you get 50 state flags. Scratch them off as you visit each state. The voyage edition is nearly identical to the traveller’s special, except you get a cool blue background instead of the black one.

As you head across the USA, make sure you mark the states you pass through on your scratch-off US map. And if you decide to hit those hard-to-get-to states like Hawaii or Alaska, don’t worry if you take a plane instead of a car. You can still mark your travels on your USA scratch map. So have fun and enjoy planning your next big adventure with a scratch-off US map.