You must have seen those boys skating around the block. They look so cool. When they do all those stunts, others praise them for this. What they are doing is very easy. Let me tell you this needs to be corrected. The thing is, it requires a lot of practice to master these stunts. Those boys who do it easily have practised well. They have a good grip on the board and also good reflexes. It feels fantastic to see them performing all those tricks. There are many options to figure out before getting your first skateboard.

The following are the steps to choose the best skateboard for you.

1. Visit the market

You will need more assurance that you will find the best skateboard in one shop. It is better to look around the market and discover all the possibilities. There might be a renowned shop for skateboard shopping. Steer clear of online shopping for this purpose. You are still determining what will happen and what material they will send you. 

These online and fancy mall products will take you back to the skateboard shop. The shop owner will help you in selecting a soundboard. He will guide you through buying the skateboard which is best for you. You can also visit for a skateboard-buying guide.

Prefer your local shop for the purchase. It will boost the sale, and you will find more people in the ad in your skating group. It is best to hold the skateboard in your hand and feel the material. You will have an instinct for what you are looking for.

2. Study the materials

The skateboards that are maple layered from the core are the original. They will give you a good spin. A skateboard has 3 main parts.

  • The Deck: it is a flat piece of wood. You step on the Deck and then move the skateboard. Most decks have a measurement of 8” wide, approximately 81 cm long, and a girth of 1.3 cm. The Deck is of different shapes. I have a proper finishing on both ends. Mainly have a fishtail at the end. The Deck can be concave or square in form. Observe all the skateboards to see the differences
  • Truck of the board: it is the part underneath the board where wheels get attached. The average truck of the board is 13’- 15’.
  • Wheels: In the early days, the wheels were made of clay and other metal. They were scrubby. They tend to wear out way sooner. But now, the wheels are usually polyurethane in nature. They give more boost to the board. They are softer and smoother.

3.   Types of Skateboards

There are many different ways to skate. Nowadays there are many competitions for skaters. Skateboards are used for freestyling, drifting, dancing and racing, etc. Other boards are for each style. They are unique in their terms. They have other names for their techniques. Depending on the use, there are many different types of skateboards. Some of which are:
  • Freestyle skateboard
  • Slalom Skateboard
  • Downhill Skateboard
  • Electric Skateboard
  • Vert Skateboard
For beginners, visit for reviews and guides for outdoors sports & adventure of cruising skateboard is the best. It is the smoothest to ride. It has a good speed. It will take you to speed in no time. This will also help you gain control of the equilibrium and stay alert on the board.

4. Size of the Deck

The style of skateboarding determines the length of the board. The style of skateboarding determines the length of the board. Different decks of the board have different sizes. It is up to your personal choice. Different options are:
  • Micro Deck: it has a length of 27.2 – 27.5 inches. This Deck is suitable for the 5-year-old skater.
  • Mini Deck: it is 28’’ in length. This site is for a 6 – 7-year-old child. The shoe size of 4-6.
  • Mid-size Deck: this is the best Deck for 9 – 12 years old. It has a length of 29’’. The shoe size should range between 7-8 numbers.
  • Full-Size Deck: the length of this Deck can be 7.5’’ or more significant. With the range of shoe size 9 and upward.
The different size is also for the different styles of skating.
  • 7’’-8’’ board is helpful for the street skating
  • 8’’-8.2’’ is best for pools, ramps, and other parks.
  • 8.2’’ – more prominent are professional skateboards. They are for vert, pools, cruising, etc.

5. Don’t worry about any damage

Some new skaters are immature. They buy a cool skateboard and then spend their time taking care of the board instead of enjoying on the board. It does not matter how new your skateboard is. What matters is how much you have learned from the skateboards? They will teach you skills that will stay with you forever. KIf you are this type of person,,, you must be at home. Do not keep it at bay from getting any scratch. It should be hung on the wall. You should not take it out for skating. No matter how careful you are, your board's graphics will fade away. Spend most of the time perfecting the skills.


Shopping for something technical takes a lot of work. You cannot buy the first thing you see. It is essential to understand what you are looking for. Also, you need to know how you can get it. Invest in the best skateboard. Keep the quality high. The best skateboard has a good grip on the road. It will aid in understanding the physics of riding a skateboard. Take the time to look at all the details of the skateboard. 

If you choose the right one, it will be with you in the long run. You can also ask any instructor to help you find the best skateboard. Join a class to learn the techniques. A small detail can help you in many ways. It can aid in keeping yourself safe from many injuries..