Mountain Bike Gear Checklist

Trying to find the best sport to play is rather difficult, but one thing is for sure, cycling is definitely up there at the top of the list. It has the physical elements of other sports, but it’s also quite exciting and entertaining as it allows you to be out there on the road exploring the beauty –– and often the chaos –– around you. It even gets better if you take your bicycle for a ride out in the mountains amidst the natural beauty and wild elements. You should be well prepared for such an adventure, though, and that starts with getting the right mountain bike gear. 

Mountain bike shoes

Sure, you could go ride in your typical sneakers, but that wouldn’t be the wisest decision. Getting mountain bike shoes is much better because it will help you get a much better performance. They clip or stick to the pedals, which will give you a lot more control –– they’re especially perfect for beginners for that reason. 

Extra tubes

Mountain biking is bumpy, and the terrain is quite rough, which is kind of the point. While the bicycles are equipped for such terrain, they can and will still malfunction out there on the road. The only thing worse than having a flat tire is having two. This is why it’s always a good idea to carry along two extra tubes so you could replace either should any problems happen on your journey. That way, if you’re that unlucky and both tires go flat, you can fix them in no time.

The bicycle

Stating the obvious, you need a mountain bicycle to go riding in the rough terrains and bumpy roads. But the trick is in getting just the right one, because you’ll find plenty of options out there and choosing one may be overwhelming. As this useful website explains, you need to compare between your different options based on several factors. Mountain bikes have several special features like suspension systems and other options that make it possible for the bicycle to withstand the bumpy rides. So, read up reviews on different kinds and find the one that works for your particular skil-lset.


Whether you’re a beginner or an expert mountain biker, it is never a good idea to hit the road without a good helmet for you. As mentioned earlier, the terrain is quite rough, and if you’re not careful, you could easily fall. Having a helmet on might protect you from serious injuries and even worse. And you shouldn’t find a cheap option either; you need a solid helmet that could protect you if you did fall on a rocky road. 

Tire pump

Carrying extra tubes is pretty pointless if you don’t have a tire pump for you. It is not exactly a luxury, but rather a must have if you want to be able to handle your flat tire in the middle of nowhere. So, always remember to carry a tire pump when mountain biking. 


That doesn’t exactly mean carrying a gun, but rather wearing shin guards and knee pads, especially on your first couple of times. Accidents will happen, and you will fall off your bike quite a few times, no matter how good you are. Just as you need a helmet to protect your head, you also need to protect your shins and knees from sudden impact and falls. Getting a broken bone is quite easy with mountain biking, and it could be easily avoided with just some shin guards and knee pads.

It is also important to move around with some tools for you, and for easy movement, get yourself a decent multi-tool. It should have screwdrivers, a chain tool, torx, and any other item you might need to repair your bike. 


Mountain biking entails a sense of adventure, yes, but that doesn’t mean going out there unprepared. You will need to have a backpack on you with all those essentials, especially considering the fact that it might rain or the roads might get blocked for any reason, so you might have to camp it out. You should go for a lightweight one that is waterproof and has many compartments to carry anything you might need, including food and water, too.

Going mountain biking is one of the most exciting things you could ever do, and it’s an adventure like no other. But to make the most out of those rides, you need to be well prepared. Having a flat tire without the tools to fix it or falling down and getting a concussion might really mess your current mountain biking journey and future ones as well.