Invisalign Is Taking Over The Braces Market

If you paid any attention to the orthodontic world in the last couple of years, you may have noticed that dental appliances like Invisalign clear aligners are all the rage when it comes to correct misalignments. In the form of additive manufacturing, digital advancements made optical scanning hardware as well as computer-aided design possible. This revolution led in turn to the creation of an entirely new treatment procedures for misaligned teeth, namely Invisalign clear aligners. Indeed, this very brand of dental appliances has been leading the way in terms of commercialization of this new treatment. Unfortunately for traditional metal braces manufacturers who compete directly with clear aligners, they’re here to stay. But why is this new type of dental appliances gaining so much traction? Let us explain, and if you need more information after reading this article, you’ll find everything you need to know right here :

Invisalign Clear Aligners : Undeniably Superior

The reason why Invisalign is single-handedly revolutionising the dental industry is that it made a strategically winning move by betting on the use of digital intraoral scanning and additive manufacturing. This business decision put the makers of Invisalign in a position to create a dental treatment that allows for a (relatively) low-cost solution, thanks to its potential for high mass customization.

That means Invisalign can easily produce an impressive amount of customized invisible teeth aligners and create corresponding treatment plans. The company is thus creating a considerable amount of added value for its customers. Indeed, a large number of people are reluctant to get their teeth straightened out, and the cost isn’t the only issue here : conventional braces — the old-school, stainless steel’s ones — come with wires and brackets that most people can’t imagine having in their mouth for an extended period of time. Adults, in particular, are giving up on having a nice smile because of the hassle of having a metallic smile at work. Invisalign clear aligner has completely changed the game. While relatively unknown when they have launched roughly 2 decades ago, they’ve now seriously challenged the dominance of metal braces in the dental appliances’ world. It’s because they have clear benefits, which are the following :

The Way They Look

It’s in the name for a reason: the first benefit of Invisalign clear aligners that come to mind is the fact that for all intents and purposes, they’re invisible (unless you’re purposefully looking for them). This characteristic has won the hearts of thousands of satisfied customers. Invisalign clear aligners are built using transparent plastic. It is approximately 0.3 mm – 0.7 mm thick, and that’s the reason why these appliances are so subtle.

The Way They Feel

Considering that dental appliances aiming to treat misaligned teeth are supposed to be worn for more than a year — in most cases — they need to be imperceptible in your mouth or at the very least comfortable enough, an area in which Invisalign beat conventional stainless steel braces hands down. Indeed, the latter feels as bad as they look, although to be fair, some progress was made in the last couple of years. Invisalign are not only a lot more comfortable in the mouth — since they’re made from plastic — but can also be removed at any time with no hassle.

The Results That They Guarantee

Unlike some types of metal braces, Invisalign clear aligners are very consistent in the results they deliver. There are no shenanigans, you know what you’ll get at the end from the get-go, thanks to the fact that the parametrization part of the process makes good use of the cutting-edge technologies discussed above. Most braces do work, but they’re simply not at the same level of consistency and quality, in most cases.

The fact that They’re The Safer Alternative

Safety always matter, and dentistry doesn’t escape this rule. If you’re considering getting Invisalign clear aligners, you’ll be pleased to know that they’re safer than stainless steel braces whose metal can harm the inside of your cheeks, or even puncture your soft tissues. Pretty scary stuff...

Invisalign clear aligners are dominating their market because they’re a technologically-advanced, good-looking and safe alternative to having a metal appliance in your mouth. If your teeth need straightening out, Invisalign is the clear choice!