Your data is important and you’ve likely been in a situation where you’ve lost important information on your iPhone.

In this post, you will learn about data loss on iPhones, the top causes for data loss, what to look for in an iPhone data recovery software, and you will learn why UnCutData is the best software for recovering your lost iPhone data.


There are two main types of data loss when it comes to iPhones.

The first type is deletion data loss. You’ve likely been in a scenario where you’ve taken a great photo but accidentally deleted it. With some of the iPhones new features to help free up space on the phone, you will likely be asked if you’d like to immediately delete photos from the phone, meaning they don’t go into a “recently deleted” album.

You could also accidentally delete your information in your notes, voice recorder, or other apps.

Another type of data loss comes from damaged or stolen data. This means that your information is rendered unusable or it is taken during a cyber-attack.


Unfortunately, data loss is pretty common on smartphones. There are several reasons why your iPhone may have lost your information.

To begin with, hardware and system malfunctions can cause data to become lost or unusable. This can typically occur when you drop or otherwise physically damage your iPhone. It can also happen if you open up the iPhone and mess with the inner components, especially during a firmware update.

Next are viruses. In today’s world, cyber attackers are out to steal and use virtually anyone’s information they can find. Viruses can be caused by opening a scam email, visiting sketchy websites, or simply leaving your information and social profiles open in public.

Thirdly, human error is to blame in many cases of data loss. This, as previously mentioned, is when the iPhone user accidentally deletes a piece of information before they are ready to. Most common deletions happen with pictures and videos.

Next are software corruptions. Updates are made on a regular basis so that iPhones can operate at their best as the cyber world evolves. Sometimes, updates and other factors can cause issues that can make apps crash while you’re working in them. This means that an iPhone user could potentially lose all of their work if the app crashes.

Lastly, environmental influences and time have a big impact on the preservation of data. Smartphones are valuable pieces of technology. They are not immune to nature and the various issues it can throw at us. These can include fires, storms, flooding and more. Additionally, smartphones, especially iPhones, are known to lose their processing power over time. So, as time goes on, a newer version of the iPhone will become more and more obsolete.

These are five of the most common causes of iPhone data losses, but they aren’t the only ones.


After reading the intro, you’re probably wondering why UnCutData software is the best software for iPhone recovery, but you’ll learn about that in the next section.

First, you need to know what to look for in an iPhone data recovery software.

To begin, you will need to see how many data recovery modes the software has. For example, UnCutData software has three recovery modes. The first is a data recovery on the physical iPhone. The next is a recovery on iTunes, and the third is a recovery on the iCloud. This assures that all possible locations are searched for the potential recovery of your lost data.

Secondly, you will need to see that the recovery software has two scan modes: quick scan and deep scan. Sometimes, you don’t have a lot of time, so you may benefit for the quick scan mode. This mode takes a lot less time and may recover your data easily. But, if you can’t find your data using the quick scan, a deep scan will take more time to look deeper into your iPhone and related accounts to help find your data.

Next, take a look at the simplicity of the interface. It is important that you are able to use this software, no matter if you have a knowledge of iPhone data recovery or not. UnCutData software has a helpful wizard who helps guide your recovery process.

Lastly, you need to make sure that the software can work with multiple Apple devices. For example, UnCutData can recover lost iPhone data from iPhone 3 and up as well as the iPad, iPad Mini, iPad Air, iPad Pro, and iPod touch.


As you can see, UnCutData software meets all of the aforementioned features that you should be looking for in an iPhone data recovery software.

Customers also love the product. According to purchaser Sabina, “Recently, I went out to travel with my friends and took many beautiful pictures. But I deleted most of them because of misoperation. But, with the help of UnCutData recovery, they were completely recovered.”

One reviewer named Underwood said, “Some days ago, because of a computer virus, a large number of my files were lost and damaged. So, I tried various data recovery software, and finally found that UnCutData recovery is the best. It is fast and efficient, perfectly recovering all of the files.”

UnCutData software offers a free trial for the iPhone recovery. Usually between $100 and $150, the licenses for the software are only $49 currently. Be sure to visit to see the full range of things you can do with the software, but some of the functions include: recovery of lost data; free lifetime technical support and upgrades; and the ability to preview contacts, notes, photos, messages, and call history before recovery.

Licenses are available for Windows and Mac computers.

For more information, or to download the iPhone data recovery software, visit