The daily life of your patients can be busy, and therefore, they are not always available to answer your office calls. Surely on your agenda, some patients are almost impossible to locate. And call them to remind them about their appointments is something like an impossible mission. How can you end these "headaches"? Easy! With Providertech's patient appointment reminder software.
And What Is An A Reminder?
First, an automatic reminder can be a simple text message. This is sent to your patients one or two days in advance to remind them of their consultation. To know when and to whom to send the messages, this service connects to your online calendar. It even enables you from there, obtains the necessary information to send reminders.

Phone calls can be invasive for your patients and interrupt them in the middle of something important. Or they may not respond for several reasons. In both cases, the task of reminders is complicated. In this regard, reminder messages play an essential role. Forbes notes that 95% of text messages are read within 3 minutes of being sent.

But in general, how can automatic reminders help you?

1. Improve The Efficiency Of Your Office:
Automates reminders are suitable for your patients and will increase productivity in your office. Make a quick calculation. How many hours a day does your staff invest in calls? With these reminders, your assistant will have more time for other tasks, such as attending to patients who are already in the waiting room.

Automatic reminders allow patients to confirm or cancel their appointment. In the event that your patient cannot attend, a message is automatically sent to you with the times available for re-imaging. It is proven that 15% of patients cancel or reschedule their appointment. And so, in less than 5 minutes, your patient can re-arranged his appointment. These messages not only work as a reminder, but they also facilitate the process of obtaining a query.
2. Improve The Health Of Your Patients:

The main reason for implementing automatic reminders is to get your patients to attend their appointments. At a higher level of care, it is logical that your patients improve their health status. In addition, with these reminders, they will also prioritize your health.

3. Improve The Experience Of Your Patients:

Your patients may not always be available to answer your office calls. In case of an emergency that prevents them from arriving, they may find it challenging to notify your office and re-arrange the appointment.

But an automated reminder service gives your patients the freedom and flexibility to confirm or re-enlarge their appointments at any time of the day. Both for them and your office, this medium is very convenient. They forget about invasive calls, and you forget about chasing your patients.
4. Reduce Absences:

How much does it cost you that your patients do not attend their consultations? With automatic reminders, you can reduce absences from 10% to 20%. More patients who do attend their appointments means more income for you.

Did you know that 72% of patients who do not show up for their appointment do not re-submit their consultation? A simple automatic reminder service will not help you solve the lack of resurfacing. To do this, you need a complete scheduling service that is able to interact deeply with your patients.