bedroom design

The 80’s is often mocked for it's over the top style and embarrassing fashion choices. Its easy to faux hate the 1980’s, but to most interior and fashion designers, this was the last decade of originality. The 1980’s design aesthetic is fun, with lots of brught colors and nods to Art Deco, especially in furniture design.

The ideas, freedom, and creativity of the ’80s are intoxicating, so enduring is this period that even now, in 2019 the funky vibes of the 80’s never really left, and now they have come back in a big way. If you are looking to recreate a little bit of 80’s exuberance in your home, there are some fantastic pieces of furniture out there, echoing this wonderful time.

Building a buzzing 80’s bedroom ironically requires a little restraint. Go too far with the 80’s references, and you risk creating a shrine to the times and not a functional, beautiful bedroom. To put an 80’s twist on your modern bedroom, it all starts with your bed.


The right bed frame can make a powerful statement. There were many different styles of interior decor that were popular in the 1980s, from animal print to all mauve everything. A nod to Art Deco can be seen in many designs, reflecting a hope and trust in technology, and humanity’s excellence. Today, these pieces that survived are very collectible and very expensive. If you want a modern take on an 80’s piece, you are in luck.

The tiffany queen bed frame from Domayne is an opulent and thoroughly customizable bedframe that will transform your bedroom into a sumptuous 80’s palace. With a winged bedhead and choice of smooth or chequered velour fabric, the tiffany screams 80’s decadence. Also available in the tiffany range, the ottoman will complete your 80’s bedroom with supreme comfort.

For a more minimal, less gaudy bed frame, Domayne offers simple metal bedframes in quintessential 80’s pastels.


For linen and fabrics, deep, jewel-like colors like that seen on the tiffany bed frame were very popular in the mid to late 1980s. Pastels and floral prints were also much loved. Adding some throw cushions or blankets in floral print can bring some easily storable 80’s charm. To ‘push It to the limit’ why not include some neon or animal print?

Yearning for a fern.

Houseplants have always been a popular addition to a bedroom. Today people love lilies and devil’s ivy, but in the 80’s the potted Fig tree ruled. For a splash of 80’s greenery, why not pick up a Ficus of your own? Ferns were also very popular, the more, the better!

Prints and posters.

Every teenager's bedroom in the 80s was adorned with various posters and prints. Unless you want your bedroom looking like it came straight from the breakfast club, show some restraint and pick a few pieces that stand out.

Geometric pattern prints in vivid colors can create contrast in your bedroom and are oh so 80s. For a direct and very ‘meta’ nod to this fun time period, why not find your self a retro movie poster from your favorite 80s flick? So many iconic films debuted in the 1980s, my favorite being terminator 2.

The 80s have never gone out of style. Sure, there are some aspects we would rather forget (that hair!), but mostly the 80s were fun, hopefull, and colorful. Today's austere color palette and minimal aesthetic can feel impersonal and boring., by following this simple guide you can bring a bit of the 80s back to your bedroom.