There are many super hot heroines in Telugu cinema available, but some heroines most famous in the There are some super hot heroines in the Telugu movie theater on offer. However, some heroines are best known in the Telugu movie industry. All-female actors play a significant role in Telugu films with terribly attractive acting. So if you like telugu songs, download the viste website here and enjoy superhero movies.


Her recent film was Uthamaputhiran with Dhanush. The film was average; however, she does not have mass films under her name at present. Although some might think that she was unlucky as a result of the fact that some of her movies could not achieve better results in the workplace, she still succeeds in the distribution of roles.


Tricia is usually considered the favorite heroine of the Tollywood or Telugu industry. Her last film was “Manmadhan Ambu” with the participation of Kamal Hassan, the film was average and was unsuccessful. Her latest Bollywood movie, called Cattametta, also failed to get the best in the workplace.


Tamanna is busy with Siruthai with Karthi, Surya's younger brother, there are a lot of packages around this film, and we should wait and see the results of this film, which may be Pongal's negligence. When Surya of his Carty interacts with Tamanna.


She is currently considered the number one heroine in Tamil cinema or Tollywood. It is reported that she terminated the Bollywood film about filming with Kamal in his next movie. Anushka is that dream of Telugu cinema at the moment


Nayanthara is preoccupied with his rumors, and he or she does not find time to act in the latest films. Besides, it was reported that she obeyed Prabhu Virgo and terminated all contracts with movies and stopped performing in each of the movies in Tamil and Telugu.
Nayanthara is optional in the media related to her wedding with Prabhudeva and the rumors surrounding her. We have a tendency not to be sure if we will expect any films from Nayanthara in 2011. we must be present and watch

In summary

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