Essential Accessories
Cars are some of our dearest possessions. From making your daily commute less of a hassle to saving time, providing you with an extra chill-out spot, or even giving you an upper hand with the ladies (or guys), owning a private car has many perks. Simply put, it makes your life much easier in so many ways, expensive or not. And no doubt about it, it even gets better when you pimp your ride and accessorize.

It is about more than just the best car speakers; you can add much more to your car and make your ride enjoyable. And considering how huge the automotive industry is, you can equip your car with an endless list of accessories to make it more appealing, comfortable, safer, functional, and better. Assuming you're out looking for ideas to customize and spice up your ride, here are some essential accessories you'd want to look into.

Lift Kits 

 Nothing looks more striking than a car on chrome wheels with plate skid in the front or rear bar. A simple lift, say 4 inches, using a lift kit can make your vehicle look dope, stronger, and more appealing to any onlooker. In addition to increasing your car's off-road capability, you can install larger tires. And when it comes to lifting kits for a truck like the Ram 1500, the guys from Mechanic Guides point out that these best options can beast up your rig, providing more ground clearance and a lift to its overall appearance. What's more, depending on the lift extent you prefer, you have several options, from minor to 'crazy.' What's more, depending on the lift extent you like, you have several options, from minor to 'crazy.' The two main alternatives include suspension and body lift kits, which, as you might have guessed, lift either your car's suspensions or the body, respectively.

Silicone Grip Pad 

If you've been struggling to find a convenient area in your car to place items such as your phone, keys, cables, sunglasses, and what have you, this accessory could be just what you've been looking for. The silicone grip pad has several compartments and requires placing it on your dashboard. The best feature is the intelligent tab that can prop it up conveniently so you can put your phone where you can easily access it.

Bluetooth FM Transmitter 

If you like to listen to music or the radio as you drive, it can be super annoying when your car's stereo system won't function anymore. When it gets to this, you could replace it (which doesn't come cheap) or simply pimp your ride with one of these Bluetooth FM transmitters taking the automotive world by storm. In addition to getting hooked to your favorite radio stations, some of the best options also enable you to listen to music from a Micro SD, phone, phone enabled device. Moreover, according to the CB radio reviews by, the compact device also comes with a USB charging port and a built-in mic that provides the convenience of making hands-free calls.

Car Cover

Car Cover

Your car's exterior is as important as the interior, especially if you want to preserve its value. However, the vehicle's exterior surfaces are constantly receiving a beating from the elements, dust, mud, and other factors. These gradually affect the integrity of its finish, and giving your car a new paint job isn't the cheapest of affairs. Especially if you don't have a garage or carport, a car cover can protect your ride, keep it spicy, and give it a longer life.

Mesh Storage Net 

How often have you gone shopping for groceries with your car just to get home and find the trunk is a huge mess? Some will say plenty, some will say none… but the point is, you don't want your veggies to spill all over your car's trunk. This makes a mesh storage net an essential accessory for those looking to spice up their vehicles.

Air Freshener

Air Freshener

Have you ever gotten into a car, and the first thing that greeted you was a musty odor that choked your lungs dry or almost gave you a heart attack? Especially on long trips, the last thing you want is to sit for hours in a foul-smelling car, yours or not. For this reason, having a good car air freshener will do you and your passengers better than you can imagine. And these days, there are many air freshener flavors to pick from, from jasmine to rose, lavender, and vanilla, remembering options made from herbal extracts that soak up moisture, odors, and allergens from the air circulating in your car.

Of course, dozens of other car accessories can help enhance your driving experience and improve your comfort and that of your passengers. The list is endless, from snack packs to car seats, neck pillows, woolen mats, magnetic phone holders, dash cams, car seat organizers, and pet organizers. With the above few pointers, however, you have enough ideas to accessorize to spice up your car.