If you care about multi-room audio, you have surely heard the name of Sonos. Connecting Sonos speakers together and you can also connect them to the identical Wi-Fi! These updatable speakers are something that the other brand cannot afford!

And when it comes to Sonos Playbase, nothing can beat it! It was launched in 2017 and there are hundreds of reasons to choose this one! Here, we will talk about why you should choose Sonos Playbase for your home!

Why should you choose SonosPlaybase?

There are comparisons between Playbase and Playbar when it comes to the ultimate sound experience by Sonos. If you are in search of high-tech speakers for your TVs, you must get Sonos Playbase. Why? Let’s know! 
Sound Quality
The best part about Sonos Playbase is it has a full-theatre sound system. In one device, you get the perfect streaming music experience. No matter if you are up for cinematic sound, you must try this one. From streaming music to watching movies, watching series to sports and your favorite games, the full-theatre sound system is going to make it the best experience you had!

The other game-changer of this line is Sonos Playbar. So what should you choose- SonosPlaybase or Playbar? Just to let you know, the Playbar has a nine-driver system and the Playbase includes ten amplified speaker drivers. As a result, Playbase can afford your natural deep notes. It also includes added woofers too!

WiFi Technology

For clear music with the utmost sound experience, you can never have faith in something that has less data transmission ability. And this is where the name of WiFi comes in. If you are still depended on the Bluetooth speakers, you have not yet experienced the best!

Settling for the best WiFi sound system is the right way if you want the ultimate sound experience. And on that note, Sonos Playbase uses WiFi for delivering clear and fast music on demand.

Remote Control

In this world of a hectic schedule, you do not have time to move! And the only solution for this is remote control devices! Yes, Sonos Playbase uses several remote control options. It includes the Sonos App, IR remote or voice features app.

If you are using any Amazon echo devices you can control your Sonos device with that too. From podcasts to radio stations to playlists, you can play them and stop them whenever you want with these remote controls features!


The most amazing feature in the Playbase by Sonos is Trueplay. Can you imagine a device measuring the shape and setup of your room and fine-tuning the music or sound for fitting the place perfectly? Yes, that’s what Sonos Playbase does!

It can easily measure the position of the speaker along with the setup of the room. The refection of sound for the furniture, walls, and upholstery are also measured by this feature. So, not setting up your dream entertainment room is no farther! 
Airplay 2
If you are fond of newer features, you must go for Sonos Playbase. There are only a few speakers that include Airplay 2 feature by Sonos. And you are lucky if you choose Playbase as it includes the feature. Other devices by Sonos usually do not have the power to support Airplay 2 however Playbase has that! 
Design and Technologies
Along with the other control features, the Playbase includes on-device control settings for touching and changing the controls. The mount option of the Playbase will allow you to enable the off-the-wall feature too. You can get better music now even if your TV is on your furniture!

Also, the design is fantastic as it has a flat body and a rounded edge! Along with these, the Sonos Playbase is available in both white and black colors!

Wrap Up

So now, you can never get confused about choosing the ideal Sonos sound speakers for your home because you know Playbase is the best! From design to colors and sound performance to additional features, you can have faith in the Sonos Playbase.

All you need to do is go for these speakers and have fun. Music is better when it’s clear and loud! Go for it!