Marine Engineering

Marine Engineering is a branch of science that mainly revolves around naval architecture dynamics and nautical science. Marine engineering in India conducts research and operations across the vast oceans and inland waters connected to the sea. In naval architecture, one can learn about designing and constructing the different phases of a shipping vessel. On the other hand, Nautical Science is concerned with running and operating sailing vessels in the ocean. The entire technical management comes under the responsibility of marine engineers.

These are the interesting facts about marine engineering.

  • Prominent role to play: The marine engineering profession plays a prominent role in today's progressing world. It has relevance to both work and income aspects. Today, the world relies on oil industries for fuel and consumption purposes. Shipping becomes essential in transporting this oil to different parts of the world. Being a marine engineer, this industry entirely relies upon your job. You maintain the smooth import and export trade by managing the ship and its machinery. The innovative job profile includes port engineer, ship engineer, submarine engineer, marine equipment specialist, and naval combat engineer. Join the merchant navy to fulfill your aspirations of becoming a marine engineer.
  • Encouraging study course: Getting a marine engineering degree in India is quite demanding, yet it is also engrossing. The four-year bachelor's degree course emphasized engineering principles applied to seafaring ships and related features. The central focus subjects are ship dynamics, mechanics, analytics, and marine structure. You can select specializations in logistics, technology management, aquaculture, and naval operations according to your preference. The topics covered in the courses are not limited to theoretical knowledge but have practical implementations, too. Besides, you might have to get a license to apply for higher positions.
  • Different career options to pick from: The branch of marine engineering has a vast scope for mariners with various skills and talents. If you consider progressing further, you can unlock the doors in other fields. Specialization in Masters and PhD can enhance your career options. Moreover, an additional MBA degree can be beneficial if you are looking for a managerial position.
  • Exceptional salary: When dealing with complicated subjects, marine engineers gain expert knowledge for which they can demand a good wage. This is what all working professionals expect from their jobs. The challenging role played by marine engineers significantly contributes to a country's economy. The greater dependency on seafaring vessels will improve employment prospects in the upcoming years. The statistics reveal that there will be a 9% growth by 2024. It makes much sense to invest in this career.
  • Unique applications: Besides the subjects, maritime technology, and mechanical aspects develop a natural interest among mariners and help them stay focused and motivated. The diverse applications are being complied under a single career to provide diverse opportunities. Your personal skills like communication, leadership, problem-solving, and time management go a long way toward the extraordinary marine engineering skills based on naval architecture, underwater research, oceanographic engineering, cable laying, nautical science, and renewable energy production.
  • Taking upfront responsibility: The entire charge of the sailing vessel dealing with the technical and mechanical aspects comes under the management of the maritime engineers. You work with ship's machinery like diesel engines, gas turbines, and steam turbines and design the fuel system, power generation, propulsions, water distillation, lubrication, etc. Not only the entire technical aspect, but you manage the crew members and ensure that overall safety is maintained throughout the ship.
There are multiple avenues to explore in the marine engineering field. After four, one can consider joining the merchant navy for a BE degree course in marine engineering. The job opportunities are wider than in India; even one gets a job abroad.