Physical therapy is often thought to be necessary only when you are recovering from a serious injury. However, that is not always the case. Very often, physical therapy is something you need when you are recovering from an illness or some medical condition too. Besides, people of all ages may turn out to be in need of this kind of rehabilitation. Some say that the best therapy is physical therapy nyc. Today, we are going to discuss not the places but the reasons why you should at least consider physical therapy.

Deal with the Pain

First things first, painkillers are not the only possible way out when it comes to dealing with pain. Some many exercises and techniques are aimed at pain alleviation, and they actually work.
Skip the Surgery
In the majority of cases, when you are diagnosed with the condition that requires surgery, there is barely anything else on your mind that may fit in as an alternative option. The fact is that if the therapy helps your body heal and pain goes away, the surgery may turn out to be unnecessary.
At times the worst thing that happens is that you can’t move, walk or even stand. Physical therapy is often aimed at stretching and strengthening so that these exercises may actually help you start moving and become mobile again.
Stroke Recovery
After a person has a stroke, some functions do not work. It may be difficult to move too. That is when physical therapy comes in more than helpful too. Just like in the case with mobility, through a series of exercises, the body is strengthened so that the person can move again.
Sports Injuries
Sports injuries are very common these days, and in the majority of cases, they are also quite serious. That fact that all the physical therapists are highly trained and they distinguish all sorts of injuries and where they may come from. This enables a skilled therapist to come up with a personal recovery strategy for each issue.

Balance Improvement

Some people can’t stop falling on a regular basis, and that means that more and more injuries are coming their way. What physical therapists do, they screen your body to figure out if there is something wrong with your balance. If they find the issue, they will work on the improvement of balance so that you stop falling.


It is hard to imagine that some physical exercises can help you deal with your blood sugar, but it is true. Of course, you are not going to be magically cured, but the specially-designed exercises will keep your blood sugar managed.

Lung Disease

Physical therapy can indeed deal even with lung disease. Once again, with the help of special exercises, which are primarily breathing ones, you will better the lung condition and get rid of lung fluid as well.

Women’s Problems

Some exercises are developed to help women deal with pregnancy or postpartum issues too. In fact, the list of issues that physical therapy can deal with includes breast cancer, pelvic pain, urinary incontinence and many more.