Driving lessons

Driving lessons have the potential to be exciting and daunting in equal measures. Learning to drive is a process everyone must go through to become a safe and confident driver.

In all instances, a few pointers from the pros could help you on your way to successfully passing your driving test:

1. Start learning as early as possible

Even before your first few driving lessons, it’s a good idea to familiarise yourself with at least the basics of driving and general motor vehicle functions. A little online research really can go a long way.

2. Choose the right transmission

There’s no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ option when choosing between manual and automatic - it’s entirely a case of your personal preferences. However, you will not be able to drive a manual car in the future with an automated driving licence.

3. Consider an intensive course

Intensive driving lessons can speed up and simplify learning to drive and obtaining your full licence. It can also be a surprisingly cost-effective way of learning to drive.

4. Block book your lessons

Though not always the case, you may find that it is significantly cheaper to book several lessons simultaneously rather than booking on an ad-hoc basis over a given period. Consult your chosen driving school for more information.

5. Evaluate your instructor

Ensure that your driving school (and the instructor) has an established reputation and vital customer feedback. Avoid driver tuition at all costs where the provider has a questionable track record.

6. Study the theory from the start

It’s well-known that driving theory tests in the United Kingdom are not excessively difficult. However, you’ll find the whole thing much easier if you start studying the theoretical aspects of driving from the earliest possible stage.

7. Practice in your own car

If possible, it’s worth picking up a car you can afford before you pass your test. With your provisional licence, you’ll be able to practice as much as you like in between lessons, providing that there is a full licence holder with you at all times, and you must display red L plates on the front and rear of your car. There’s also the option of taking lessons and even your driving test in your own vehicle, but if you are a beginner, it is advisable to use the instructor’s dual-controlled vehicle.

8. Learn from your mistakes

Try not to see the mistakes you make along the way as setbacks. It’s only by making mistakes that trainee drivers can learn from them. Always listen to your instructor and heed their advice. Hence, texas online defensive driving courses will always help you clear your doubts about driving a vehicle.

9. Be ready to be patient

Some people successfully learn to drive more quickly than others simply because we are all gifted differently. Likewise, a select handful of drivers pass their tests the first time, while others get it right after two, three, four or any further attempts. You’ll get there in the end, but you may need patience.

10. Take a Pass Plus course

Pass Plus comes highly recommended for all newly qualified drivers across the board. This simple yet invaluable six-hour programme will not only improve your skills and confidence on the roads but could reduce your subsequent insurance premiums by as much as 25%. Just remember that if you’re interested in Pass Plus, the course must be completed within 12 months of passing your practical driving test, if you wish to benefit from a reduction in your insurance premiums. However, the most important benefit of completing the Pass Plus course is that you will be a more skilled driver, which will increase your safety and that of your passengers and other road users.