Young Leaders Program

Do you want a Master’s in Business Administration after your undergraduate course? Do you think you have the leadership qualities required to become a manager or a leader and make people work under you? If it is so, why don’t you go for the ISB Young Leaders Program that would open chances of getting admission to Indian Business School, which offers a Post Graduate Program in Management and is FT ranked?

Offered at both ISB Hyderabad and Mohali campuses, this program is an opening for highly talented and potential students who are still pursuing their undergraduate or master’s and think they have the leadership qualities required to become a manager. The program's main aim is to build up confidence in the students and make them know about the subjects they will learn and the life they will have after completing the course. These sneak peeks into the future can help the students decide and be sure what they want. They can enrol on the system if they think they are ready to accept the challenges they may face as a future manager.

The program aims to identify and select some highly talented students who are focused and take them on the right path from the beginning without wasting any time. They try to provide the best guidance to the best students. The program aims to give the selected students the best mentors from the beginning so that their careers can take the right turn first, in a well structural form and with a better professional outlook. The students selected for this program are destined to become tomorrow's best business leaders.

ISB believes that talented people are not hard to identify and, if identified early, can be helped towards reaching goals according to their potential. They believe in finding gifted people early and giving them proper guidance so that they achieve the success they deserve. There are some perks to enrolling in this program. The program benefits are:

  • Scholarships
  • Weekends of learning and mentoring
  • Building networks
  • Admission to the ISB Post Graduate Program
The Young Leaders Program is a perfect blend of on-campus and online study modules. This will finally lead to the ISB Post Graduate Program, where you can get continuous guidance and feedback on your progress and learn from some fantastic teachers at ISB. The faculty at ISB is like none other, and the students enrolling in the Young Leaders Program do not have to worry about proper guidance or mentorship. The faculty is knowledgeable and always ready to help.

The students are eligible to enrol for this program only when they are in the final year or pre-final year of their current degree, undergraduate or postgraduate degree. The young leader's program prepares students for workplace challenges or even ISB’s one-year Postgraduate Program in Management. They ensure to provide the students with the tools and knowledge that would be helpful and required in any field they choose after completing the program. This program guarantees the student is successful in any sphere of life and becomes the best in his chosen field.

The assessment system and learning modules of the Young leader's program are such that the students are prepared for any future challenges they might face during their work life. They are trained to become the best young business leaders in their professional lives even before enrolling in the postgraduate management program. Learning weekends are organized for the selected student and must be attended by them so they can know about the faculty and course curriculum at ISB.

The course is generally focused on the following points:

Leadership qualities are to be identified and polished. These leadership qualities go a long way and help you be successful in your professional life.

Making the students understand the requirements of a B-school and the importance of the course is another fundamental aim of the study.

It helps the student to choose a career of his choice.