Acquiring a new mattress is a moment of great excitement. This is a wonderful investment to avoid waking up with neck or back pain every morning. However, the new mattress needs some time to break in. Having high expectations from your new mattress is not bad but you have to understand what to expect. When your mattress purchased online arrives, you need some ideas to help you break into the mattress to meet your expectations. 

After unboxing, the next thing is dressing up the mattress in cozy warm sheets backed by your favorite pillow. By this time, you just can’t wait for a second to sleep in the new bed. While climbing into bed, you might feel less comfortable than you expected. There is no need to begin doubting the firmness of your mattress. It takes time for your body to adjust to a new mattress. This article is going to give you ideas on how to break into your new mattress a little quicker. 

How long to adjust to your new mattress

Mattresses regularly take about 30 to 90 days before your body can fully break in. There is a chance that your new mattress is different from the old one. Perhaps the new mattress is a bit stiff because no one has slept on it yet. Sleeping on it for the first few times might seem a bit uncomfortable. You have to give the mattress some time for the material to soften. This allows it to conform to your body. Give your mattress some time and it will become softer. When you buy bed mattress in UAE, give your body some time to get used to the new sleep environment. 

Your body might have become used to the old mattress if you have slept on it for some years. The body might have discovered how to create comfort in the midst of the old mattress not giving appropriate support. With time, the mattress will begin supporting and comforting your body to give you full relaxation. However, you need to give it some time. A quality mattress will come with a 100-day sleep trial to and you can send the mattress back if it doesn’t meet your expectations. 

Handy tips to break in a new mattress

Let it breathe

As soon as your mattress bought online arrives, you are likely to begin dressing it up into new bedding. Well, avoid the temptation. Let the mattress first breath for a few hours before dressing it up. Doing this gives the mattress materials time to pick up some free-flowing oxygen. This eliminates some odors that might stick around to give you an odorless night’s sleep. 

Apply pressure

Does your new mattress seem too firm? To lessen the concerns, apply pressure on the mattress. Walk gently around the mattress to ensure that you break in the mattress quicker. Alternatively, apply pressure using your hands and feet. It allows loosening up of mattress materials to allow easier conforming to your body’s contours. 

Warm the mattress

If you purchased a memory foam mattress, warming it might make it soften a bit. This will make the mattress to conform easily to your body. Turn up the heat on the thermostat for the mattress to soften more before going to bed. Increasing the temperature on the thermostat by a few degrees will make a significant difference.

Give it time

Sleeping on an old mattress causes pain in the neck and shoulders on waking up every morning. Investing in a new mattress is a proactive solution to avoid this. However, you have to give the mattress the appropriate time to adjust to your body. Sleep on the bed at every opportunity to give the mattress more chances of loosening and stretching.

The frequency of using the new mattress has a significant impact on how fast it conforms to your body. Keep sleeping on the bed at every chance during the break in period. This might seem frustrating but this is necessary to ensure that you sleep better for many years to come. Sleeping on the new mattress regularly will make the mattress to adjust to your body quicker for relaxing sleep. 

When to tell you need a new mattress

You have to understand the appropriate time to get a new mattress. This requires looking out for warning signs including the following. 

· Mattress doesn’t feel right
· Not sleeping like you used to
· Faulty frame and springs
· Allergies getting worse
· Finding it easier to sleep on other beds
· Finding yourself buying more pillows and toppers 


Investing in a new mattress is a wonderful thing. However, you have to give the mattress the appropriate time to conform to your body to enjoy relaxing sleep. The ideal mattress should come with a sleep trial period just in case the product fails to match your expectations.