Are you about to work on a new job for your home? Or do you have a construction project? You’re going to need a good team for this and one of them is a good bricklayer.

A bricklayer is a professional who is experienced in the construction of all kinds of structures. They can work with bricks or blocks. Also, they can mix concrete, build scaffolding, and they can pile the bricks in a straight line.

Bricklayers are very in-demand in the Australian market because of their skills. Trust a bricklayer to build a strong fence, walls, fireplaces, and other essential property features.

So, if you’re looking for a bricklayer, be aware that it could get overwhelming with many choices to choose from. To ensure that you’re getting the right bricklayer for your job, here are some of the things to consider.

Check Their Qualifications

A good bricklayer has gone through necessary training to be qualified. Check out the qualifications to see if they have completed an apprenticeship.

The training guarantee that students are competent in bricklaying tasks such as brick bonding, mortar applications, reinforcement, cavity trays, and many more.

Be on the lookout for an accreditation from the Construction Safety Awareness Training course as well. You may seek recommendations or referrals to contact to find more information about the bricklayer.

Ask About Their Insurance

Insurance is vital for bricklayers. Bricklayers must have public liability insurance against damages. This insurance can help protect your property and your family. 

Most bricklayers also have income protection insurance. Make sure to get copies of their insurance and certificates before hiring.

Take a Look Into Previous Experience

Some of the most common services bricklayers provide are block laying, laying concrete footings for brickwork, cutting bricks, and working in commercial and residential environments.

Check out their previous experience to evaluate if the bricklayer has enough experience to deliver the type of work that you need. The more experience the bricklayer has, the better.

Another good sign of a good bricklayer is that if they have worked with local home builders or established building contractors. These industries have demanding projects that require precision. If a bricklayer has worked with these industries over the past, it shows advanced skills and experience that will likely deliver better-than-expected results.

Know the Cost

Consult a few bricklayers and ask the cost of their services. The prices will vary depending on the bricklayer. And as for you, you want to save money as much as possible. Hence, it’s a wise move to consult with a few bricklayers to find the best price for you.

The same process applies when looking for bricklayers skill- and experience-wise. It’s best that you hold several appointments with various bricklayers until you find the right one suitable for your next project.

Finding the right bricklayer for your next job is vital to the success of your next constriction project. The tips listed above will guide you to the right bricklayer.

Keep in mind, brickies usually operate in a three-man group. So, you’re going to need to hire at least three for your next job.