YouTube is one of the most popular websites ever; it has grown considerably over the years, attracting many people, content creators, and advertisers. When you're a gamer and you want to make a name for yourself, you need to come up with a decent plan that can make your life a lot easier and effective on this platform. It wouldn't hurt to learn all you can about it to be the best YouTuber you could possibly be.

Prepare Your Equipment

You don't have to get the best equipment ever this early for your YouTube channel, you just need the ones that can get the job done properly. There should be different affordable pieces to kick-start your channel easily; you should start with your gaming desk. The gamers at That Video Game Blog believe that the best desks should be stable for best performance results. They are absolutely right about this point, because if your desk wobbles all the time, then your footage will be terrible and shaky. So, remember to get a spacious one with a good design and stability features.

The next thing you should think about is your camera; some beginners use their smartphones for recording videos and it's not bad for creating content. Or you could invest in a DSLR or mirrorless camera; the best mirrorless cameras are probably the best for creating videos.
 Try and record a couple of test-run videos to see how the quality is like. After that, you should think about your microphone; some gamers use their mic that is attached to their headphones, but the best ones have to be the stand-alone models for better sound quality and capturing. But the choice is up to you because it depends on your budget. 

Plan Your Content

As a gamer, you need to figure out and decide if you will only focus on one game or multiple ones. It's best to start with one or two games at first so you can build an audience and see where it goes from there. Try to be original and interesting; you're already a gamer, so think of all the things you didn't like about other content creators and don't do it. Some people come up with interesting gimmicks and catchphrases, this can be your thing every time you upload a video. It has to be something cool and keeps your viewers interested.

You should plan everything before you start recording and when you do, you can't just upload the entire thing without editing it. Edits are great because you aren't streaming online, so you can keep things neat and professional. Some people like watching the mistakes or occasional goofing around, so don't edit everything out because it gives you charm and it's funny to watch. Over the weeks you can start relating to your viewers and engage with them, read the comments and see what they like or don't like. They would be your number one place for feedback, so your content would only get better if you learn from your viewers and understand what they want.

Promoting Yourself

Things will be slow in the beginning, but you need to be patient and work hard on throwing yourself out there. You must spread the word and share your channel on your other social media accounts; you need to start with your friends and family because they will share it with their friends and it will keep on spreading. You have a lot of competition so you need to be announced every video you upload on your other platforms, remember to spread your channel in different gaming forums related to the games you play too.

Also, you should think about collaborating with another gamer channel; it's a great opportunity to let more people know about you and check your content out. Later, when you've established yourself and created a nice channel with decent follower counts and a good community, you won't need to do a lot of promoting because your fans would already do that for you by sharing your content and subscribing.

This job can be lucrative if you're lucky, but you need to have the dedication to carry on and the patience to handle all the hurdles that come your way. You need to show consistency in your videos, have a publishing plan to have frequent videos being uploaded and work on building your fan base and community. People don't become famous gaming YouTubers overnight, you just need to put yourself out there and spread your content around. Soon you will be able to rival even the likes of Nobbel, MadSeasonShow, and Asmongold.