From a very young age, women are told that their beauty lies in their hair and looks. Due to these false notions, women with hair loss problems often face insensitive questions that make them feel embarrassed. This story is about Peach Goldberg the girl who fought against the stereotypical standards of beauty and transformed herself into a strong woman.

Peach Goldberg is a 22-year old girl, who is also a fashion designer and model by profession. In her teenage, Peach was known for her beautiful looks, sharp features, and luscious and long hair. But, at the age of 19, something happened which turned her life upside down. From high self-confidence to increased self-doubt, from charming compliments to detrimental criticism, her life took a 360-degree turn in just a few months.

It all started on a day when Peach was getting ready for her high school farewell party and suddenly noticed a bunch of hair on her hairbrush. This was the first time when she realized that something is not right with her health. She immediately called up her mother, but her mom convinced her by saying that it’s due to improper care or excessive use of styling tools. At that point of time, it relaxed her a bit and she left for her farewell party.

After a week, when she was cleaning her bedroom, she found clumps of hair on her pillow, bedsheet, and floor. She was shocked at the sight of so many hairs and decided to see a doctor. In the evening, she visited the doctor and after proper diagnosis, the doctor found that Peach was suffering from ‘Alopecia’. ‘Alopecia’ is an autoimmune condition, where patches of hair come out due to damaged hair follicles. Her doctor suggested going for an Alopecia Treatment before her condition worsens, which comes in three categories- Minoxidil, PRP therapy and oral Steroids.

Minoxidil is an FDA-approved drug used to treat Alopecia by prolonging the growth phase of the hair follicles. 
PRP (platelet-rich plasma) therapy is a three-step medical treatment in which an individual’s blood is drawn, processed, and then injected into the scalp.
Oral Steroids like corticosteroid and prednisone helps in speedy recovery of hair loss in women. 

As per her doctor’s suggestion, Peach decided to take this forward. In the initial days of treatment, her condition was improving and she observed stimulated the growth of new hair. This made her really happy and she thought she has successfully overcome hair loss. But, her worst nightmare was yet to come!

One day, after coming out of the shower, she again noticed clumps of hair on her towel. She immediately called her doctor to inform about the situation, but the doctor was out on a family trip. Her doctor told that she will be back after two weeks, and will look into her problem. But who knew these two weeks would change her life. Within two weeks, she became bald and lost even her body and facial hair. 

She was devastated, her friends stopped answering her calls, her classmates started bullying her, and she was slowly going into depression. All this took a huge toll on her confidence. She stopped participating in college events and social gatherings. She was totally cut-off from society. Even when her doctor told that she would recover in six months and it’s just the medication side-effects, she wasn’t ready to accept it. She just gave up.

Then on one fine day, after hearing the condition of Peach, her childhood friend ‘Christy’ visited her place. Peach was surprised to see her childhood friend after five years; she hugged her and started crying. Christy consoled her and gave her a suggestion that changed Peach’s life! She suggested her to wear ‘human hair wigs’ until her natural hair grows. Peach searched for the wig suppliers online and ordered customized Human hair wigs that suited her face shape and condition.

This small step not only helped Peach to get her beautiful look back but also revived her self-confidence. Today, she’s still undergoing treatment but her natural hair has started to grow. She hasn’t stopped using wigs and hair extensions completely.  She adorns it with full confidence for social and family gatherings and does not shy away from discussing her hair loss problem. This little addition in her life and the right suggestion from a friend helped her to embrace her body completely. Today, she is one of the leading fashion designers and a model of the town!

Her story inspires thousands of women who think that hair loss is a permanent problem with no solution. They must understand Hair loss in women is due to genetics, unhealthy lifestyle, and side-effects of certain medications, which can be cured.  Remember! Every problem has a solution, you just need to come out of your comfort zone and quest for it!