Masonry saws

Cutting construction materials safely as well as cleanly can be challenging. To cut through those slabs, floors, walls, and blocks isn’t that easy. Plus, getting it right in terms of size can be tricky. That’s why you need to understand all things diamond blades. Along these lines, here is all you should know about diamond blades for your masonry saw.

Uses of Diamond Blades

Diamond blades are divided into different types. Plus, each type has different uses. While some are reserved for cutting stones, others can perfectly cut concrete. You can also go for diamond blades that can flawlessly cut bricks, coals balls, and ceramics. It’s also important to note that you can use diamond blades to cut glass, semiconductor materials, and gemstones. So, irrespective of the material you want to cut, you’ll get a diamond blade that suits your explicit needs.

The durability of Diamond Blades

Normally, a diamond blade can last for about 12 hours. However, improper cutting techniques can drastically reduce their lifespan. Plus, cutting the wrong material can reduce its lifespan to as low as half. The good news is that you can go for high-end diamond blades. With these high-quality diamond blades, you have cutting tools that can last for more than 120 cutting hours. High-quality blades tend to cost more. So, it depends on your budget.

When Can You Cut Concrete

Diamond blades can be used to cut concrete. However, you should get it right with your timing. The timing is dependent on the prevailing local conditions. Usually, you can cut concrete 4-12 hours after it has healed. However, if you are located in hot weather, you should wait for about -4 hours before cutting.

Can Diamond Blades Cut Asphalt?

Like concrete, diamond blades can also be used to cut asphalt. You need to use an asphalt cutting blade.

The Right Diamond Blade

Before you choose the right diamond blade, consider the thickness of the material to be cut. Materials to be cut come in different thicknesses. Thus, you count use any blade to cut them. For instance, thin slabs should be cut by blades in a circular saw.

Advantages of Diamond Saw Blades

Diamond saw blades are extremely important when it comes to the construction industry. They can cut any hard surface smoothly as well as cleanly. Here are common advantages of using diamond blades:

Unlike other blades, diamond blades won’t stick into the marble.
The precision of diamond blades is impressive. They can achieve precise as well as straight cuts

  • Vibration-free - these blades dint vibrate. Thus, the marble doesn’t easily get damaged
  • Speed - diamond blades are fast when it comes to cutting marble plus other hard materials

Types of Diamond Saw Blades

The following are common types of diamond saw blades:
  • Continuous Rim Blade - this blade is used for wet cutting
  • Segmented Saw Blade - this saw blade is ideal for fast, free, as well as smooth cutting. Things like bricks, tiles, marble, granite, and concrete can be cut using this type of blade saw

The Bottom-Line

Diamond blades are all about durability, strength, and efficiency. They are important construction tools. They are used to achieve flawless cuts and better finishes. The above information contains all you should know regarding diamond blades for your masonry saw.