Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massage is a focused massage technique primarily used to treat musculoskeletal issues like sports injuries and strains. It entails applying constant pressure using deep and slow strokes to target the interior layers of the muscles and connective tissues. This assists with breaking up scar tissue, which is the result of an injury, plus it can lower tension in muscles and tissues. Deep tissue massage can also promote faster healing by boosting blood flow and decreasing inflammation.

The Health Advantages Of A Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massage provides both psychological and physical benefits. As opposed to alternative massage techniques that mostly emphasize relaxation, deep tissue massaging helps with the treatment of muscle pain and improves stiffness. It is also assistive in promoting mental unwinding. People who had had deep tissue massages before reported that it helped them with the following:
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Sports injuries
  • High blood pressure
  • Plantar fasciitis
  • Sciatica
  • Tennis elbow

How Does Deep Tissue Massage Compare To A Swedish Massage?

Swedish and deep tissue massage are two entirely different types of massage therapies. Both utilize similar strokes; however, they are used for varied purposes, and the amount of pressure applied is not the same. Have you considered buying a massage chair for health reasons? Did you know some models have many beneficial features, including deep tissue massage?

Have A Look At These Chief Differences Between Swedish Massage And Deep Tissue Massage:

Intended Use

Deep tissue massage primarily treats chronic muscle and sports-related injuries and pain management. Swedish massage is used chiefly to promote relaxation and reduce muscle tension due to everyday actions, such as sitting at a PC.


Swedish massages offer a gentler massage method with less tension than deep tissue massage. Both massage types entail using the fingers and palms to knead and manipulate the tissues. However, the forearms and elbows may apply advanced pressure during the deep tissue massage.

Areas Of Focus

Deep tissue massages target the interior layers of the muscles. It treats tendon and muscle injuries, stiffness, and pain in the major joints and muscle groups. Swedish massage focuses on the superficial layers of muscles in body areas that usually hold the most tension, like the neck, back, and shoulders.

When Looking At Potential Massage Therapists In Your Areas, Make Sure You Keep Several Factors In Mind:

Area Of Focus

Not every massage therapist specializes in providing deep-tissue massages. Some are trained in various types of massage, while others emphasize just one or two. Be sure to check if they provide deep tissue massage and the conditions they are experienced in treating.


Be sure to ask about the fee they charge per session and if they provide cost-effective incentives like a sliding-scale choice. You may also want to speak with your health insurance provider to see if they cover massage therapy, particularly for medical conditions.


Ask the massage therapist for credentials to ensure they are licensed to practice massage treatment in your area.