Are you tired of a room that has things spread over all around and you just can't seem to find anything that you need to when you need it?

Placing things properly is important. You can create space to do many activities. You can replace your bed with a daybed which will save space. Different Daybed Design ideas can make you look spacious and stylish at the same time.

Then it is high time that you reorganize your room and store things accordingly. Here are a few ways in which you can de-clutter your room.

Purge Jewelry

Get out all the jewelry pieces you own and select the pieces that you want to keep. When you make the decision be tough, if you haven't worn them in the past year, you definitely won't wear them again – so donate them  Or if you happen to be passing through Phoenix, try visiting some of their local jewelry stores where you can get the appraisal you need plus some extra cash on the spot. If you want to fix some items, get them done the next day. Organize the jewelry you have decided to keep in such a way that it doesn't tangle or be damaged.

Purge on Clothes 

Clothes in the cupboard are the biggest source of clutter in the room. So take out all the clothes from your cupboard and decide which to keep and which to lose. Remember if you haven't worn them in the past year you probably won't wear them again. For the clothes that are in good condition, you can get cash for clothes by selling them through companies that offer these services. They even send their team to your house for collection. They will offer you money in exchange for your unwanted pile of clothes.

In case you don't want to sell your clothes for cash you can donate them or give them to a friend as a swap. But remember the clothes must be clean before you give them to anyone.

Once you have gotten rid of the extra clothes, your cupboard will have so much more space, and it will also help you organize the clothes accordingly.

Use Containers 

You can also use fancy boxes which can be a good decoration piece on your dresser or nightstand, and at the same time, they can hold things you need every day like a watch or a pair of earrings.

Laundry Hamper

This is a basic but essential addition to your room in which you can collect the whole week's clothes in one basket rather than them lying around the room on the floor.

Get a Multiuse Nightstand

The nightstand is right beside your bed and can be a good storage place. Get a nightstand that can be used in multiple ways, for instance, a nightstand with drawers in which you can keep your medicine box, your book, and a few essentials. You can store a lot of things in that small drawer using organizers. 

Clean the Dresser 

● The cupboard, this is the only place where a lot of stuff gets accumulated. Hence you need to take out all the things and see what you need to keep and what can go to the bin. You will be surprised by the things you will find in the drawers.

● You put things back in use organizers, it will help you divide the drawer into sections and offer you extra space.

De-Clutter the Surface

Visual de-cluttering of the room is equally important; hence, you must create some clear spaces in the room to give it a breathing space. This can easily be achieved by having a handful of items on display, while others should be stashed away. Read more at WeRedesign

Once you are done doing all this, you will be able to enjoy your room in a much better way than before for it will give your peace rather than the stress of a cluttered room.