Buying a refrigerator is one of the major purchases that you will make for your home. After all, you will be using it for a long time. So, buying the right fridge is very critical. While it is an important decision, it should not be a stressful one either.

In this guide, we will give you some quick tips, so you have a general plan when you are ready to buy your next refrigerator. There are various factors that you should consider, such as the style and finish. Another aspect to consider is the capacity and your food storage needs. Of course, you should not forget the safety mechanisms built in the appliance itself.

There are also extra features that you may want to consider if you have a bit of wiggle room in the budget. Water dispensers, ice makers, and even an automatic water pitcher may make your life a bit easier. Other functions that are a must-have for others may be optional for you. So, make sure that you are getting every value of your buck.

Choose the Right Style

Refrigerators are monolithic boxes that usually take up most of your kitchen. That is why buying the wrong style and size may prove to be an inconvenient instead of helping you in the long run. Carefully examine the design, shape, and size of the fridge as these factors affect the features that you want out of the fridge.

Do you buy a lot of produce? Do you often order out and have a lot of leftovers? Do you want to store more beverages? Do you make your food ahead of time and freeze them?

Your lifestyle should dictate what features you should prioritize. And, these features will affect the style of the refrigerator that you should consider and if they fit your kitchen.

Energy Usage and Safety

As with any large appliances, energy usage and general safety should always be on top of your priority. Aside from making sure that your house is fully protected from a power surge, such as having a resistor in place to monitor the electricity input.

A typical refrigerator with about 500-liter capacity typically consumes about 485 kWh of electricity per year. It amounts to about $200 in most metropolitan areas. Check out TXU Energy electricity plans and rates which have been vetted through the HomeEnergyClub TrustPlan process, and use their guides that can help you choose the right energy plan for your home.

One good indicator of the appliance’s energy efficiency is its Energy Star rating. Most popular brands around the world have ratings. But, many refrigerators are required to meet a certain minimum energy rating. That means many options today are already efficient by default. However, the higher the energy rating, the more efficient the fridge will be. Do take note that you may need to pay a higher initial purchase price, but the long term benefit is noticeable from the monthly electricity bill.

Storage and Capacity

Each model and brand has a unique form factor and internal storage. Just like the size and design, your day to day living should determine the type of cold storage that you should buy.

Do you store a lot of frozen meats? Do you prefer going to the grocery once a month instead of weekly? Do you store food longer before you replace them?

Aside from those factors, there is also the type of home and space that you need to take into account. Nowadays, there are coolers for any living condition, such as for small apartments, for larger houses, with bigger freezer, and more.


There are many more factors that you need to think about, such as the budget, who will be using it, and the lifespan of the fridge before replacing it. Buying your next cold storage should not be daunting as there are countless options available that will perfectly fit your needs.