Apple's screens have always been known for their refinement, breathtaking vitality and sharpness. As a result, screen protectors are almost considered to be a basic necessity with any of their devices, especially for large devices such as the iPad Pro with Retina LED-backlit display that is costly to replace. In this case, one of the several different ways to protect your screen is using an iPad screen protector. Here, I will run through the factors that you need to consider when choosing the best iPad screen protector.


 iPad screen protector
Since the iPad Pro comes in many sizes, so does the screen protectors. Thus, make sure you're picking the right dimensions for the device that you have because no protector will be designed to fit on both. Only the screen protector fits your iPad perfectly including the round edge can it be used comfortably and efficiently.


There are various types of iPad screen protectors made from different materials. It comes in three primary forms: PET film, TPU plastic, and tempered glass. The PET film will protect your iPad from scratches, but not much else. TPU plastic is flexible so that it can go edge-to-edge on any phones with curved screens, and it has better impact protection than PET. However, it is a huge hassle to install. A round tempered glass that has the smoothest feel, preventing the most damage, will save your screen in the case of a drop but is considerably thicker.

Face Recognition & Apple Pencil Compatible

Face Recognition
Face recognition, a critical function that the users are hard to use without provides excellent convenience for the users. Besides, apple pencil is an essential accessory that most of the users might have to use with their iPads. For example, a high-performance iPad screen protector from VMAX features the large cutout for the front camera, and the microphone allows for seamless face recognition and ensures premium sound quality. Moreover, with only 0.33mm thick, this screen protector maintains high touch sensitivity when using the Apple Pencil.

HD Protection

Protection is the primary function of screen protection. The best iPad screen protector should be like the original one as much as possible. There is no doubt that a screen protector adds another layer of protection to your device even though most phone screens are sturdy enough and made of scratch-resistant glass. The one from VMAX is one such example of that. With a high transparency of 99%, the full coverage glass screen protector protects the front camera from dust and scratches while maintaining the original high-definition retina quality of the iPad.


One of the reasons we need a screen protector is that the iPad can easily drop on any occasion without your notice. Some people may be willing to take the risk, but if you are particularly clumsy, you should surely get a screen protector. For instance, VMAX's iPad 10.2 inch High Transparent Full Size Tempered Glass Screen Protector features premium tempered glass that protects your screen from unwanted scratches by keys or other hard objects because of the industry-high 9H hardness level.

Now you might have known what to consider when choosing an iPad screen protector. A screen protector can achieve a great balance between protection and design since it's almost invisible while still providing a certain degree of safety when it comes to drops and bumps. For your choice, VMAX is a manufacture providing such screen protectors, which delivers maximum scratch protection while preserving clear image resolution. It can be of the real benefit if you are concerned about getting the iPad screen protector. Hence, for those who are looking to protect your iPad screen from cracks and loss, VMAX would be your top pick.