Books are a great way to enhance knowledge and to pass time in your free hours. There are millions of books available in the market and everyone has their own taste in books. Popular genres with are literature, mythology, thriller, cookbooks, romance, and even erotic books. Avid readers always like to have a book in their hands and hence, they are always looking for easy ways to buy books.

There are several ways to buy books these days. There are plenty of book stores in the market or online that offer a wide range of books. E-books are becoming quite popular today. Readers consider buying e-books because they are available immediately and you don’t have to create a separate spot in your home to store your collection. Due to the increased popularity of online books, local retail book stores have seen a huge dip in their sales. This is primarily because of the cost of books. With so many online book stores available, you can easily choose your best site to buy books online

Why Online Stores are Soaring in Books Business?

Whether you are shopping for clothes, shoes, stationery or furniture, the price has always been a huge contributor in the buying market. In the case of books as well, readers can find cheap books online in various online stores.

  •   1)Readers can buy their favorite book at half the price on the internet as compared to the ones available in the physical stores because apart from warehousing and delivery, they don’t have to worry about other costs. However, with physicals stores, there are various infrastructural costs involved which make their products expensive.
  • 2)If you are an avid book reader, there are websites that offer promotions, reward programs, discount coupons to their regular customers for book promotions. Also, with e-books, there is no cost of printing involved thereby lowering the cost of the book.
  •  3)Convenience is also one aspect of increased book sales on online stores. If you are going through a retail channel to buy a book, you would have to travel to the store, look for your genre, find the author and book, pay the price and return back home. This can easily take half a day. Let’s not forget the transportation cost as well. However, with online book shopping, you just need to search with the name of the book or author directly on the internet or even on the store website and within a matter of seconds; you can find your favorite book ready to ready. It is a huge saving of time and you get more time to read the book and move to the next one quickly.
  •  4)If you are buying a physical book even from an online store, you may have to pay a shipping fee. However, some online book stores waive the shipping fee, if you are a regular customer or you are purchasing a minimum number of books or you hit a certain value.
  •  5)Buying books online is convenient and secured in terms of payment. Reputable online book stores have secured digital certificates to accept payments online. So, if your book store has an SSL certificate, you can be assured that all your banking information is secured. Online book stores accept all kinds of payment methods like debit/credit card, payment through digital wallets or cash on delivery. Depending on your choice of payment, you can order a book online.
  • 6)The number of books available on an online book store is way more as compared to physical book stores. You can have only a number of books available, depending on the size of the store. However, online stores don’t even have to bother about inventory because most of the online stores have local book stores as their suppliers. As soon as they receive your order, they forward it to the suppliers. Once they receive the book, they ship it to you thereby reducing the need for inventory.

Purchasing a book from an online store

Shopping for books through online mode is now widely accepted worldwide. However, you have to be careful about various aspects while shopping through the internet. 

  1. Credibility – You should always go for bookstores that have a good reputation for selling books online. This ensures that you would receive the book on time.
  2. Easy Search Criteria – The online website should have easy search criteria that help the reader in searching for a book. If the reader finds it difficult to navigate through the store, he or she may not come back to purchase books.
  3. Secured Payment Method – the book store should have secured payment gateways to ensure the safety of consumers' account information. Unless you are satisfied, you should restrict to cash on delivery or try a different store.