Cosmetic Surgeon

It is a universal fact that women are more concerned about their looks than men. They take care of every big and small aspect related to their beauty. For enhancing facial attractiveness, countless makeup products like moisturizer, concealer, nude, brushes, blush, eyelashes and highlighters are available in the market. The face is the prime focus of every lady but what about the breasts? You can transform the face with makeup products but it is not possible with breast size. For adjusting the size and shape according to your expectations, surgery is the only long-lasting option. Breast surgery options are now available in almost every cosmetic surgery clinic. They have the solution to every issue whether it is regarding augmentation, reduction or contouring. More than 70% of women are dissatisfied with the size of their breasts so, don’t feel different from normal people. In the clinic of a dermatologist, one can expect breast treatments as we are mentioning below.

1. Breast augmentation

If you are feeling low self-esteem due to the small size of breasts, augmentation surgery can help in this concern. For enhancing the size of breasts artificially, surgeons use skin-friendly fillers. For enhancing the size of breasts artificially, surgeons use skin-friendly fillers. Currently, two kinds of fillers are popular among all cosmetic surgery clinics i.e.
  • Saline water
  • Silicone
If you are 18 years old, saline water will be the primary recommendation of a proficient plastic surgeon. They inject saline fluid underneath the epidermis layer of the skin. This kind of implant is also known as rippling or wrinkling.

Ladies above the age of 22 are recommended to go with the option of silicone. It is a kind of gel more viscous than saline water. It is a long-lasting option and popular worldwide for more stable results.

2. Breast reduction

It is true that ladies with small breasts feel inferiority complex and they need breast augmentation but it is opposite in some cases. If the breasts are larger than the average size, they become the reason for various health issues too. Rashes on breasts, chronic neck pain, back pain, shoulder pain and difficulty while running are some issues that ladies with large breasts face on a regular basis. For reducing the size, two surgeries are currently popular in the dermatologist’s clinic i.e.
  • Liposuction
  • Mammaplasty
Both of them are invasive but works differently. Liposuction is a technique of removing excess fat cells underneath your skin through a suction process. They insert a cannula tube by puncturing a small hole and remove the excess of fat safely. Mammaplasty, on the other hand, has a more detailed procedure. Along with fat cells, surgeons also remove tissues and skin from the breasts give them a redefined shape.

3. Breast lift

Breastfeeding and old ladies face the issue of breast sagging. Once your breasts lose their contour, wearing bra becomes essential. If sagging breasts are becoming the reason your dull appearance, breast lift surgery is the only long-lasting and reliable solution. Surgeons remove the excess skin from your breasts to give them proper contour.

4. Breast reconstruction

The surgeons of breast augmentation in Columbia can also help in reconstruction. It is also a kind of augmentation but meant for medical purposes. Ladies who lose their breasts partially due to surgery can regain them with reconstructive surgery. A surgeon use skin from any other part of the body to reconstruct the breasts and fill them with silicone gel.

After reading the above surgery options, it is now clear that breast surgery is not only for appearance enhancement but also serves various medical purposes.