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We all want to do, see, listen, and read about travelling most of the time. We want books about it, movies with epic travelling adventures, watch videos, read blogs on travelling, and even go out on our own trips. Travelling is so much fun that we want to stay in touch everywhere and every time. So just like other mediums we acquire to satisfy our lust and hunger for travelling, we should also know about the top travel magazines as well. For this reason, I am going to discuss some top wanderlust travel magazines for all itchy feet to acquire or subscribe to.

In this article, we are going to provide a list of magazines associated with travelling. There is a lot to choose from when it comes to magazines. Some are about certain types of travellers, while others specify destinations by highlighting them in their content. So read this article and know all about travel magazines.

Top wanderlust travel magazines for all itchy feet

Budget Travel

Budget Travel helps all the travellers and other people who want to travel to find the most out of every travelling opportunity. It tells us different ways to keep our travel costs down and cover maximum destinations. Tips such as availing discounts by finding good flight travel agents and experts are frequently suggested in this magazine. I highly recommend my readers to subscribe to this magazine and make the most of every moment. You can visit website of these travel agents or agencies later on the internet. In this way, you can easily enjoy amazing discounts as well as learn about ins and outs of different destinations that can help you travel easily.


An award-winning magazine, Wanderlust is a great way to read content and see pictures about different destinations and things to do and see there. It is best for people who are passionate about travelling.

Travel and Leisure

Travel and Leisure is a great travel magazine. It has a lot to offer to every subscriber. Many platforms and blogs rank this magazine at the top of their lists. Subscribe to Travel and Leisure, and know everything they publish. From amazing travel stories to the astounding destinations that we can explore.


Afar is one of the latest additions in the family of travel magazines. The purpose of its construction is to motivate all sorts of travellers along with guiding them to travel. It offers travel guides, stories, ways to enhance your travelling experience, and different ways to connect with other travellers. So before you leave for your next adventure, do subscribe and read Afar.

Cruise Travel

Cruise Travel magazine is for people who are interested in learning about or embarking on a cruise trip. Tabloid comprises of features that are available on different cruise ships, ports-of-call, itineraries, guidelines, tour combinations, and other packages such as sea/air travel, different products, relevant shore facilities, and activities.

Cruising World

Cruising World is another magazine dedicated to people who love cruising under sail. So if you are planning a cruise sail vacation, this magazine is perfect for you.

National Geographic Traveller

Find out about different destinations located in the United States of America, Canada, and other amazing destinations from no other platform than our beloved National Geographic Traveller magazine. You can see amazing photos of serene destinations, stories behind them, and top advice. This magazine is an award-winning product of National Geographic Channel. So do subscribe to it and enjoy reading it.

National Geographic

Just like its sister magazine which we discussed before, National Geographic is a parent organization with amazing magazines published for all kinds of readers. Although it is not a travel magazine, it does offer some amazing photos of landscape and serene destinations. It also provides amazing researches about those places and the flora and fauna found there. Do subscribe to National Geographic Magazine for all the good reasons.


Yachting is an ideal magazine for every yachtsman or a woman. It tells amazing information about different boats, equipment, and gear, along with some of the best destinations you can sail to.

Coastal Living

If you love a beach destination or any other place located on a seashore, this is your type of magazine. Coastal Living offers great content about coastal destinations in America and other parts of the world. You will definitely fall in love with this magazine due to its irresistible charm.


Destinations is a magazine that provides amazing details about the Caribbean and Central American travelling. It will tell you about different destinations that are sought out more by travellers, along with many cultural and regional things about different countries.

Camping Life

Camping Life is an amazing magazine that tells us about different weekend destinations, essential equipment, and gear for camping. It also tells us about the pop-up trailers and tent campers.

Caribbean Travel and Life

As the name suggests, Caribbean Travel and Life is a magazine dedicated to promoting the Caribbean region to all the wanderlust. This editorial tells us about destinations in the Caribbean such as resorts, getaways, beaches, cultural cities, and other travelling packages. Plan your dream vacation of this amazing tropical destination and live the best time of your life.

Pathfinders Travel

Pathfinders Travel is one of the bestselling leisure travel magazines for all enthusiasts. It is a perfect reading and research material for people who are affluent with travelling. This magazine offers information on family trips, romantic getaways, and weekend destinations.

Trailer Life

Trailer life is America’s hot-selling magazine. It is perfect for people who are RV enthusiasts. This magazine is almost 50 years old, which is why it is considered as a great source of information for all the people who fancy a trip on a recreational vehicle. This magazine tells you about different ways to travel in an RV, along with the best vehicle and destination for your journey.


Backpacker is one of the best outdoor magazines for all itchy feet. It is dedicated to providing healthy content for everyone to enjoy. You can find useful information about nature, amazing gear items, gadgets, food that is best for travelling, different ways to enhance endurance and build strength, and how to pick up destinations for a backpacking tour.