Basque Culinary Cente

When it comes to preparing food for other people, passion is the most essential ingredient. Making food is a form of art, and a gift that many people have. But just like any artistic gift, learning how to develop your skills is key to excelling in your profession. If you’re considering a career in culinary arts and feel like you’ve got the correct amount of dedication, then the programs that the Basque Culinary Center has to offer may just be the right step for you.

History of the Basque Culinary Center

The BCC started in 2011 at the heart of San Sebastian, Spain. The culinary school was initially founded by top Basque chefs and is currently overseen by eleven of the world’s most famous chefs. The center currently also holds a connection with Spain’s Mondragon University and awards degrees in culinary arts and gastronomy to students from all global backgrounds. The school is relatively new in business, with only just about ten years of teaching classes. But since it has been found, it has developed rapidly to become one of the best culinary schools in the world.

More than just a cooking school

The ethos of the Basque Culinary Center is to mix students’ passion for making food with science. Students at BCC get to work on research projects which aim to improve the food preparation and consumption experiences. BCC offers several degrees, and OK Chef explains that they range from a degree in gastronomy and culinary arts to a master’s degree in specialty subjects like food tourism, pastry, restaurant management, and gastronomic. The renowned internationally culinary school aims to graduate chefs who not only know how to prepare the finest of meals, but also understand all the science and skills needed to support it.

Basque culinary prize

The BCC council launched this annual prize to encourage chefs to work on changing their societies for the better through food. It is a $150,000 prize that celebrates gastronomical marvels that help the activism work in society with the money to be used back in similar cases by the winner. The judging panel comprises of some of the world’s most renowned chefs who look at the contestants’ work of culinary art, nutrition, health, and environment and how that all can lead to a significant change.

Alumni who changed the world

who changed the world
The hard work, grade A facilities and overall ideology of the BCC were inevitably going to help create some of the greatest culinary minds in the world. Venezuelan chef, Maria Fernanda Di Giacobbe, won the Basque culinary prize for her activism work with food. Di Giacobbe was passionate about food and gender equality, as well as improving her local community in Latin America. She’s one of many alumni examples whose work and education at BCC have helped them shine in the culinary world.

A career in culinary arts is the ultimate goal for many young people and even people considering a career change. If you have a passion for making food and enjoy being in the kitchen for long hours creating your next signature dish, and you’re also keen on changing the world and leaving your mark, then starting out at the Basque Culinary Center may just be the thing you need.