People with problems like lower body disability, weakness, fatigue, and loss of balance face difficulty in moving around freely. They need assistance for moving around, and a mobility scooter is ideal for them. Whether it is power-operated or manually operated, a mobility scooter will help you get from point A to point B. Using a mobility scooter gives the physically disabled or elderlies freedom and comfort to move around. They are not just for physically disabled people, but also for people who lack the stamina for doing daily activities. It makes the surrounding community more accessible and safe.

There are a few points that you should consider before using a mobility scooter. To be safe while using mobility scooters on the street, they must keep the pedestrians in mind and drive carefully on a two-way street. Here are nine tips for safe and secure usage of mobility scooters.

1. Be conscious of where you'll be using it

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Not all mobility scooters are suitable for all purposes. Different bikes are apt for different uses. Some of the top class scooters are good for going outdoors and provide high speed, but if your goal is moving around indoors, then this might not be right for you. Therefore make sure that you use the correct model instead of going for the expensive model. Keep in mind the environment in which you will be using it.

2. Drive Slow

Drive slow when you are on the pavement or indoors around others. It allows you to pay attention to your surroundings and the underneath surface. When you drive slowly, you will have more control over your scooter and what happens to it. Follow the rules of the road for your mobility scooter when outdoors. Mostly the mobility scooters are apt for crosswalks and sidewalks. High-end, large scooters are permitted on the streets.

3. Call Ahead

If you are going to travel to a place where you haven't been before, then enquire about the site by calling them and asking questions. Write down the dimensions of your scooter before calling them. Then write down the aspects of that area. This way, you will understand the turning radius required for your scooter. You should ask the following questions:
  • Does the place allow mobility scooters inside the premises? Is there ramp access right from outside? Does that ramp have access to areas like lift, dining room, hotel lobby, or an office?
  • Do they have a parking area? If no, where can you park it and whether it is a safe place
  • Is there a specific time when the traffic will be high and low? Since you would prefer little traffic time for convenient travel.
  • Will there be any problem to enter and access the restroom?
  • Also, make sure that you ask them if there is any other factor to consider.

4. Stay Right

Keep in mind the side of the road assigned for mobility scooters and stick to that side. Just like the pedestrians, if the road allows, then drive on the right side and pass to the left. Look before you pass to the left.

5. Seating

Make sure that the seating of your three or four-wheeled bike is well-padded, contoured, and comfortable. In the case of a foldable scooter, the seats have less padding, and the size is also small.

6. Transportation

For secure use of a mobility scooter, you should also consider whether you will be traveling a lot with it. You must think if you will be transporting in a van or trunk of a car. If yes, then consider the size of the most significant component. You can easily disassemble most scooters to fit into a vehicle. But sometimes the mainframe section is too long to fit into a car trunk. You can consider a power lift to lift the scooter into the car without disassembling.

7. Know Your Scooter

Before you plan on taking your scooter out, you need to understand the functionalities of the mobility scooter. Practice on a nearby ground how to start, turn, reverse, stop, get in, and out of the mobility scooter. While choosing a mobility scooter, size is an essential factor to consider. By practicing every day, you will understand the space required to turn when surrounded by other vehicles. For indoor usage, you have to pick a scooter that fits in your door frames and hallways. Also, understand the storage accessibility in your scooter.

8. Use a Horn

While using a mobility scooter on the road, use a horn, alerting those in front of you or around to avoid any mishappening. Pedestrians will appreciate your politeness.

9. Be Considerate

While on the road, look back at times to see if you are slowing anyone down. If you are, then pull over and let them pass. It will help you in keeping your calm and save your time too. Also, follow driving manners like not taking calls while driving. Pullover to make a call.


The above are nine tips for safe and secure usage of mobility scooters. When in doubt, ask an expert about the traffic and road rules before getting on the road. It is advisable to take care of yourself and pay attention to the safety of people around you.