Spanish Fly-

If you heard about Spanish Fly, you know it's an aphrodisiac. If you are like others, you have already discovered how it was used for sexual arousal since time immemorial. But is the modern Spanish Fly same as the old one? Does Spanish Fly really enhance your libido?

  • Turns out, the new Spanish Fly product has capabilities that you’ll love, for more reasons than one.
  • The top Seven Things You Didn’t Know About Spanish Fly
  • We will find out all you need to about Spanish Fly in 7 crispy facts!

1. Spanish Fly is Actually an Insect

Spanish Fly refers to some species of the blister beetle family. The beetles secrete a substance called cantharidin that has some medical uses. Cantharidin has also been used as the main ingredient in love potions for ages. If you went to a witch doctor or shaman and asked for a love potion, they would most probably give you potion made from cantharidin.

The substance was also common in libido enhancers sold in the market. But the products had serious safety concerns as ingesting cantharidin can lead to poisoning and death. That's why you won't find any product with cantharidin- all Spanish Fly products in the present time use other ingredients with aphrodisiac properties.

2. Modern Spanish Fly is Natural and Safe

Today, you can buy Spanish Fly to increase your sex drive without worrying about safety. Modern Spanish Fly products use natural ingredients that are known to increase libido. The clever combination of ingredients allows you to enjoy other benefits like intense orgasms, easy arousals, and extended sexual performance.

For instance, Spanish Fly Pro blends various herbs to create a potent libido booster. You will find things like maca root extract, arginine hydrochloride, Tribulus Terrestris fruit extract, guarana seed extract, Panax ginseng, and caffeine. All these ingredients are sourced from nature and are 100% without any adverse effects.

So you can now bring back the excitement in your sex life without worrying over side effects. 

3. Both Men and Women can Benefit from Spanish Fly

Spanish Fly works like a wonder on both men and women. It offers the same benefits to both sexes and helps couples, men, and women experiencing a loss of sex drive. Some couples also take it to make their sexual experience more exciting and long-lasting.

Spanish Fly facilitates full-body arousal, preparing you for a great sex ahead. In men, it can help achieve quicker and longer erections and assist in enhancing your performance. Women can also feel a strong appetite for sex and get turned on naturally. Spanish Fly also increases natural vaginal lubrication and helps you have great sex.

4. A Few Drops Work Like a Charm

You don't need to gulp down bottles of potions or strips of tablets to increase your sex drive. A few drops are all it takes!

For instance, you just need 5 drops of Spanish Fly Pro to enhance your libido. You can take it with any beverage you like, except hot drinks like coffee or tea. Maybe you can put 5 drops of Spanish Fly Pro in your wine and wait for just- 10 minutes for the results to take effect.

That's right! You just need 10 minutes, and then you are ready to have some exciting lovemaking.

Spanish Fly is also an on-demand aphrodisiac. You don't need to take it every day- just use 5 drops, 10 minutes before you plan to have sex.

5. It Doesn't Taste Yucky

Many people think love potions are meant to make you puke! But not so for Spanish Fly.

The manufacturers have made it sure that you don't have to worry about your taste buds when taking Spanish Fly. Made from natural ingredients, you can use the formula with any drinks.

Spanish Fly Pro, for example, tastes like grapefruit. You can mix it with any beverage without changing the flavor of the drink. So whether it's a glass of whiskey or some orange juice, Spanish Fly will ideally blend with it.

6. Spanish Fly can Have Permanent Results

Spanish Fly is a safe and tested aphrodisiac and has been proved to be without side effects. You can use it when you want or take it daily without any concern. If you take it daily, you can experience an all-time high in sexual activities and maybe, get more sexual ideas and fantasies.

You don't need a doctor's prescription and can order a bottle online in a matter of minutes. So if you want to bring back the missing "oomph" in your sexual life, Spanish Fly can fit your bill!

Look for Spanish Fly products in the market that meet FDA requirements and are made from natural ingredients. Such products are safe and without side effects, and can be used with peace of mind.

It's better to stay away from artificial or lab-made chemical aphrodisiacs. 

7. Evidence-Backed Spanish Fly Properties

The aphrodisiac properties of Spanish Fly has been proven in studies. The manufacturers of Spanish Fly Pro conducted a study with 40 couples who experienced a loss of sex drive. They received a bottle of Spanish Fly Pro and took 5 drops before having sex. The results?
  • 97% people who took Spanish Fly Pro for the first time experienced a better sexual arousal
  • The benefits were visible after the first dose
  • 92.5% women had orgasms for the first time in at least two years
  • Both men and women felt more engaged and passionate during intercourse

You can find out the potential of any Spanish Fly in the market very easily. Just get a list of the ingredients and do a Google on each to determine if they are effective. 

Wrapping Up

Spanish Fly is a safe and easy-to-use aphrodisiac to ignite the lost flame in your sex life. It works fast, and you can take it on an on-demand basis whenever you want to have sex. Are you sure you don’t want to make your sex life more exciting?