Working Ways To Access Blocked websites

In this era when almost everything is done over the internet, the limited access, bans and restrictions on websites can be really annoying, especially when the governments are now considering to censor the content more than before.

Therefore, if you feel agitated or exhausted due to the blocked websites in your school or office, here are some tips stored for you to access the blocked websites through the safe network of the pirate bay mirror. What these tips have in common is that they include the use of extensions, VPNs, proxy websites, DNS hack etc. Let’s have a quick look at them:

1.    Use VPN for unblocking
As the name suggests, a Virtual Proxy Network (VPN) is software that acts as a hiding instrument or layer that never reveals your actual IP address. According to the experience of the customers and the reviews of the experts, a reliable VPN service is the finest way to unblock the websites easily. All the prominent VPNs service like NordVPN which offers free trial. have appropriate applications for Mac, PC, Android, iOS, etc.

For prominent and reliable proxy services, proxy-rarbg is one of the best options. 

Due to these applications, it is easy and simple to unblock the sites at school or work. Some popular VPN packages that you can try are:

  •   PIA (Private Internet Access)
  • ● NordVPN
  • ● ExpressVPN

2.    Use Proxy Websites: Become Anonymous
Usually, in a professional environment, the employers introduce certain boundaries that restrict access to some of the specific websites such as social networking, video streaming, or in fact personal emails. There are certain times where you look for a way to access these blocked websites and for those particular situations, proxy websites come to the rescue.

However, unblocking a proxy website is not as safe as a VPN; hence if you are really particular about your work you should opt for a VPN instead of a proxy. There are many proxy websites that can make your web experience unrestricted. A proxy website conceals the blocked URL or site from the respective ISPs and enables you to access blocked websites.

3.    Change Network Proxy in Browsers
Your institute or college may have more than one proxy for its respective network. This is because certain websites are restricted on one proxy, but they are accessible on another proxy. Therefore, trying proxy surfing can enable you to access blocked websites in your colleges.

It is not a difficult task to disable the proxy settings in the web browsers. You are only required to look for the connections/network option in the web browser settings. Upon finding the, choose the no proxy option or use other option that provides unrestricted browsing at your institution.

4.    Switch internet network
There are many ISPs that provide a vibrant IP to the users; this IP can change from time to time. Due to this feature, it is likely that a website owner may have blocked your specific IP from some time. Such cases enable you to access the blocked website by restarting the Wi-Fi router so that another IP address can be allotted.

Another easy way to avoid restrictions is to make use of your smart phone network. This is do able in cases when particular services are blocked by your network admin. This method is a legal and effective alternative to breaking the rules at the office.

5.    Go to Internet Archive – Wayback Machine
The wayback machine is an appealing service that saves a copy of most content of all website on the internet. It stores multiple versions of particular website so that you can access the previous versions of that particular website. The users can also access it to view the blocked content online.

Apart from this, the wayback machine also contains number of movies, nostalgic games, documentaries, eBooks, etc. so even if the service is not working you can still enjoy

These are the tips that can help you in unblocking the websites so that you can enjoy the content to the fullest.