Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go is an excellent game that lets you run around in search of strong Pokemon using your mobile phone. Since its inception way back in 2016, Pokemon Go is still alive and is only getting stronger, despite the recent releases of Pokemon Shield and Sword on the DS. What makes the game amazing is that it’s on mobile, and almost everyone can play it. 

Download the game on your mobile phone from an app store, and you’re all set. Another factor why Pokemon Go is such a fantastic game is the physical need to move and explore real places. Moving around is essential in the game, so you can meet and hatch new Pokemon. 

As with most Pokemon game titles, battling with other Pokemon is a critical element of the game. Battling enables you to grow stronger and learn new skills. However, battling isn’t the only way you can make your Pokemon strong. There are lots of ways you can be stronger. Here are some tips and tricks to help you get stronger in Pokemon Go:

Turn Off AR Mode

AR mode is a fun way to see and capture Pokemon out on the field. However, AR mode also uses more battery power on your phone. The need for more computing power drains your battery fast and requires you to charge it more. Instead of going out and having fun, you’re left with charging your phone more often.

Turn off AR mode, so you have an easier time catching Pokemon. The environment is the same, so it won’t be as difficult. You’ll also get to save more power.

Basic Pokemon Types

Even if you have the strongest Pokemon, without a thorough knowledge of Pokemon types can get you into a lot of trouble. Not all Pokemon are created equal. Some have larger hit points; others are much faster, while others hit harder. Pokemon also have types that can turn into an advantage or disadvantage.

Here’s a comprehensive list of Pokemon types and their strengths and weaknesses:

  • Normal - All around, Weak against Rock, Ghost, and Steel.
  • Fighting - Strong against Normal, Rock, Steel, Ice, and Dark. Weak against Poison, Bug, Ghost, Fairy, Flying, and Psychic.
  • Dark - Strong against Ghost and Psychic. Weak against Dark, Fighting, and Fairy.
  • Fairy - Strong against Dragon, Dark, and Fighting. Weak to Poison, Fire, and Steel.
  • Dragon - Strong against Dragon, weak to Steel and Fairy.
  • Ice - Strong to Flying, Ground, Grass, and Dragon. Weak against Steel, Fire, Water, and Ice.
  • Psychic - Strong against Fighting and Poison. Weak to Steel, Psychic, and Dark.
  • Electric - Strong against Water and Flying. Weak to Dragon, Electric, Ground, and Grass.
  • Flying - Strong against Bug, Grass, and Fighting. Weak to Steel, Rock, and Electric.
  • Poison - Strong against Fairy and Grass. Weak to Poison, Steel, Ghost, Ground, and Rock.
  • Ground - Strong against Poison, Steel, Rock, Fire, and Electric. Weak against Grass, Bug, and Flying.
  • Rock - Strong against Flying, Fire, Ice, and Bug. Weak against Fighting, Steel, and Ground.
  • Bug - Strong against Dark, Psychic, and Grass. Weak to Fighting, Flying, Fairy, Poison, Ghost, Steel, and Fire.
  • Ghost - Strong against Psychic. Weak to Normal and Dark.
  • Steel - Strong against Rock, Fairy, and Ice. Weak against Fire, Steel, Water, and Electric.
  • Grass - Strong against Water, Rock, and Ground. Weak against Dragon, Grass, Flying, Bug, Poison, Steel, and Fire.
  • Water - Strong against Fire, Ground, and Rock. Weak against Grass and Dragon.
  • Fire - Strong against Bug, Ice, Grass, and Steel. Weak to Dragon, Water, Fire, and Rock.
As you can see, there are 18 Pokemon types that you should know about. However, most Pokemon aren’t limited to one type. For example, Pidgeotto is both a normal and a flying type Pokemon. Rayquaza is both a dragon and a flying type. Blaziken is both fire and fighting type. Knowing which Pokemon type you’re up against is crucial if you want to win the battle.

Nurture An Army

With the current update, Pokemon Go allows its users to have 300 slots for their Pokemon. You can purchase more slots that can total up to 3000. However, 300 slots are enough to build your Pokemon army in due time. When creating a Pokemon army, make sure to get lots of unique types as much as you can.

Having different types readily available will make your battles much easier as you have a counter on the possible opponents you’ll be facing. Your army should also have a variety of skills and should synergize with your lineup.

Incubators and Lucky Eggs

In Pokemon Go, everyone starts with a free incubator that hatches eggs when you walk. Eggs often require 2km, 5km, 7km, or 10km of walking to hatch. Users often get rewarded with 3x incubators, so it’s best to use them on 10km eggs rather than using them on 2km eggs. 

Lucky Eggs, on the other hand, will double the XP or experience you earn in battles for 30 minutes. Instead of using them on random encounters, use your eggs on town center sessions to get massive XP in return.

Enjoy The Game

One way to get strong in Pokemon Go is just to enjoy the game. Sure, you can use Pokemon Go cheats to get stronger, but you can also enjoy it as it is. Most of the time, Pokemon Go players often enjoy the egg hatching mechanic of the game as it requires them to walk distances, making them more fit and healthier. There are also Pokemon Go accounts for sale available online.


Pokemon Go is undoubtedly an awesome game to play. You get to meet friends and battle with them. You also get to hatch Pokemon by walking distances. As with every title, Pokemon Go is no stranger when it comes to battles. To win your Pokemon battles, you need to get stronger. The tips mentioned above are excellent tips to turn a rookie trainer into a pro.