India tourism

India is one of the fastest developing countries these days. Add rich history, large size and you can see why millions of people visit this country every year. The number of tourists has been growing for the last 20 years and it is measured in millions. India’s tourism is now one of the main economic sources and it generates billions. In order to understand why this is a case and why India is so popular among tourists, let’s take a look at the top 5 things you can actually do here.

Visit the temples

There are almost countless temples in India and the best part, each one is 100% unique. Just some examples include Lord Jagannath temple located in Orissa (temple of Goddess Mahalakshmi) which offers the guest the ability to try local foods prepared in the temple. Many say that it tastes like nothing else. Another temple is located in Madhya Pradesh, known as Khajuraho and here you can see erotic carvings. They are not something you can see all the time and they are probably something you will take pictures of. These were just some examples. The truth is that there are a lot of temples where you can see the wonderful architecture, culture and history in general.

India is also well-known for shrines and for some structures commonly present at the temples that reveal the true soul of the country. Most of the tourists will visit at least one temple, but we advise you to visit more. They are worthy and they are no something you can see back at home.

Go trekking in Indian Himalaya

Indian Himalaya offers more than it may sound. Yes, you will have a great time seeing some of the most wonderful and the most beautiful sceneries in the world and of course in India. But, the Himalayas offer so much more. There are a lot of communities that still live in an ancient way. There are a lot of mountain tops and of course, there are snow-covered wastelands. Now you may think that go trekking here will require extreme physical stamina, but this is partially true. This type of trekking is safe today and there are no reasons to worry about it.

Visiting the area you will have the ability to check out the Sikkim area and monastery. Here you can enjoy orchids and butterflies as much as you like. There are a massive number of both things and we must add the scenery. It is honestly something that cannot be explained with words. The two most popular elements of the area are Hemis Festival and Markha Valley. They also offer the biggest monastery in the area. In addition, here you can also see snow leopards. All of these are located in the east. You can go west if you like. This is a range between Nanda Devi and Kashmir. The area comes with its own set of beautiful things to do and plenty of amazing sceneries to see.

Go ride a train

The best way to travel in India is by train. The limits are endless and you can enjoy it like anywhere else in the world. The reason behind this is simple. Trains in the country are well-known for their rustic looks and various accommodates. You can pick a sleeping wagon if you like, go on a short train ride or something similar. There is a massive journey you should take if possible le from New Delhi to the end of the country. It is almost 2000 km long. One way or another, when riding at a train you will see tea plantations, impressive people and the areas of the country that are usually overlooked. Train tickets are very affordable and you will be able to afford almost any type of journey without making any issues or sacrifices.

Trains are extremely popular in the country and you can see people looking at them as mighty beats that helped the residents see the parts of their own country. A simple reason why you should go on a train ride is the fact you won’t get a similar experience anywhere else. It is affordable, as we have mentioned earlier so there are no reasons not to do it. 

Try the local food

India is well-known for rare and delicious food you are welcome to try while visiting the country. The full list of the foods you should try is impossible to compile here. It is extremely long. A few examples include Biriyani, kebabs, stuffed paratha, dosa, idli and vada and so much more.

Don’t forget that Indian food is spicy and has a strong taste. Always try a small bite at first to see can you adapt to the food. Most of these foods are available at street vendors and all of them are available at restaurants. We also know that local casinos offer this type of food and you are welcome to eat there while playing. They also offer ordinary meals if you are interested in those.

Throw a party on a beach

India is surrounded by sea so you will have to visit a beach in order to see the wonderful places and also capture great photos. The best beach in the country is Palolem and it is the longest beach here. It is known as paradise beach as well, so you can get a better idea of why this place is so special. The beach is massive, comes with clear water and cabins next to the water. The sand is soft the water is warm and you can choose where you will throw a party. You can pick a location close to your friends, or you can wander and have a private party.

Radhanagar beach is known as the most beautiful beach in Asia, not India and –you will have to visit it if you have the time. It is located on Andaman Island, has gentle blue water and soft sand. It is also a private place for most tourists and can help you be with the person you love without any other humans present.


India is one of the countries you need to pay close attention to. It is wonderful and this is the only word you need to know in order to understand the soul of the country. If you have the opportunity to visit India, do it as soon as possible and you will have the best time of your life, guaranteed.