Frozen Drinks Profitable

It can be quite difficult to find just the right business to get into these days, yet for a lot of people, it is a necessity. Most people aren’t satisfied with their monthly wages, which barely cover their living expenses. This is why they start shifting towards the entrepreneurship world for an extra source of income and long-term financial security. While some people consider real estate investment or the stock market, there are other options out there that can be quite profitable as well, like the frozen drinks business. It’s the one that never gets old and, in fact, it is even more in demand now than ever. Here’s what makes frozen drinks so profitable. 

Everybody loves them

This is probably the biggest reason why frozen drinks generate as much profit as they do. When it is summertime –– and the sun is scorching hot –– frozen drinks are the perfect respite. They just wash your pain and troubles away, and they offer an antidote to the blazing heat. They also taste great! Weather conditions aside, a frozen drink is actually quite a delicious beverage. This is why people love them –– some even regularly drink them in cold weather, just because they enjoy the taste. 


In the past, canned and bottled beverages were the real deal and everybody loved them. It was also where most of the innovation was, but then came frozen carbonated drinks, and they changed the game. A lot more options became available for retailers, and all sorts of flavors were offered to consumers, increasing the demand and generating much profit. Technology also significantly helped in this particular department, as it became quite easy with time to change drink combinations without too much effort or machine malfunctions. 


The fact that frozen drinks machines are quite portable makes them very versatile, which leaves room for making a lot of money. It is not exactly a huge machine that you can’t easily move, but rather an easily transported and installed one that you could take anywhere if you want. This means you can pack it and go to the nearest festival on the weekend and make huge amounts of money, because who wouldn’t enjoy a frozen drink at a summer festival? Or maybe you could take it to a school or a sporting event, where there would be a lot of people willing to sample the product. The point is, this machine makes money wherever it goes, and it could go anywhere. 

High-quality machines for excellent prices

The kind of machine you use to make frozen carbonated drinks significantly contributes to how much profit you could make in the long run. The good news is, you can find a lot of great ones for excellent prices if you know where to look. If you want to start your own profitable frozen program, the FBD Partnership ones come highly recommended for several reasons. Their frozen drinks dispensers come at excellent pricing, and most importantly, have very low maintenance costs –– which saves a business a lot of money with years going by. They are also perfectly sized, so you don’t have to empty an entire counter for them, and they save a lot of energy costs, which eventually reflects on your profit to expense margin. 

Simple operation

Speaking of machines, frozen drinks dispenser is quite easy to operate, which means your business doesn’t exactly need to spend a lot of money on training your people how to operate one. Anybody can easily refill it without you having to worry about a mess happening due to mixing products. It’s also quite time-efficient, so there won’t be any overheads because of time wasted and effort misallocated. It even gets better; most machines come with a self-diagnosing system that helps your people troubleshoot and find out where any problems might be. So, this will definitely save you a lot of money and time as well.

In the long run, these machines are quite economical because they don’t require much maintenance if you do all the right things. If you kept your carbon dioxide full and the water on, experts predict it could be a year before it needs any maintenance, which is definitely good news. The sealed system protects your machine from bacteria growing and doesn’t require regular cleaning and all the hassle that comes with it. 

High productivity

Frozen Drinks

If there’s one thing that really separates frozen drinks dispensers from any other systems like open bowl dispensers, it’s the incredibly high productivity. The smallest frozen drinks machine can get you over a hundred cups an hour, while the open bowl can pour a little under 50. Having such a high capacity machine ensures you won’t face any problems if your place is crowded, and you can sell as many drinks as you need without having to worry about refills or your products running out. This, in turn, generates maximum profitability with time and ensures you can handle whatever crowds coming in for your drinks. 

Their ingredients

It is estimated that frozen carbonated drinks can generate as much as 60 – 70 percent profit. This huge margin is because the main ingredients for those drinks are carbon dioxide (air basically) and water. A typical frozen carbonated beverage will be 50 percent air and 40 percent water, which means your running costs are extremely trivial compared to the profit you make. This formula is the key to the profitability of those drinks, and it is all because of the carbonation that significantly reduces your expenses. 


A frozen drink dispenser is quite a durable machine. Their materials are usually of the highest quality, and the average dispenser can last you anything between 7 and 10 years, which makes it quite a worthy investment considering how much money you’d be making because of them.

There are plenty of other reasons why frozen drinks are quite profitable, like the fact that they don’t really require marketing. Everybody knows about them, and everybody loves them. And people would recognize a frozen drink dispenser anywhere, and they will most likely come try your beverages. It’s definitely quite a good business to get into, and it’s pretty difficult to lose any money with this one.