Do you go blank when a teacher asks you a question in front of the whole class? Do you forget your lines when performing a skit on stage? 

Are you having trouble delivering the presentation you prepared by staying up all night? If your answer to all of these questions is Yes, then there is a great chance that you are suffering from performance anxiety. 

But you don't need to get worried because the cure for performance anxiety is available in the form of a drug called Xanax. You can buy Xanax online to treat your performance anxiety.
Being anxious is a very common condition and everyone faces at some point in one's life. Although if it is consistent and you cannot deal with this no matter how much you're trying or how much you have prepared, then you need to take certain measures to overcome this situation of performance anxiety.


Getting anxiety in response to any unpleasant event is very common. Everyone gets anxious before a test or any performance that matters a lotto them but getting huge outbursts of panic attacks, where you don't even know what's going out around you, experiencing shortness of breath and becoming really tensed is a sign that what you're facing is not common anxiousness but a certain level of performance anxiety.
Some of the very common things that happen when you're having performance anxiety are:
         Increase in heart rate.
         Cold sweating.
         Feeling of uneasiness in the stomach.


Performing something before an audience has a way of making you feel nervous. Many celebrities and entertainers have revealed how during their initial days, they used to experience stage fright every time they went on stage to perform. As some people are more sensitive to others, they get to face this feeling on an entirely different level.
When you realize that you have to perform in front of someone, you start being worried about the fact that it may go wrong. This stress makes your hands sweaty, you start shivering and feel like you are forgetting everything you had prepared. This feeling of forgetfulness makes you even more anxious about the whole situation and you start suffering from performance anxiety.


A person suffering from anxiety loses his confidence. It affects his level of performance, The person feels as if he is not good enough for the things he is doing and he ends up quitting. All of this results in creating more depression and anxious feelings in the person so it is considered to be important for anyone suffering from such conditions to look for the treatment.
The cure for performance anxiety differs depending upon its severeness. If you are feeling it on a basic level then you can overcome it by being fully prepared about the things you are going to perform in front of people. You need to practice and be confident that you can do it. You should avoid overthinking and focus all of your attention on the positive side.
If you are trying your best but still not able to overcome it then you should consider taking help from a therapist. Talking about your feelings of performance anxiety to a professional will help you in a better understanding of why you are facing it and what measures you can take to get rid of this.
However, if both of these options don't work for you, then you need to try to calm down your anxiety by taking some medications. These medicines are manufactured specifically for people who suffer from performance anxiety.


Xanax is one of the most common drugs used for the treatment of anxiety-related disorders. The chemical used in Xanax is Alprazolam which provides its effect by enhancing a chemical (GABA), that is naturally present in our bodies.
You can buy bulk Xanax or in small doses that totally depends on you and your doctor. The most commonly used form of this drug is in Xanax 2mg bars. This is considered to be the minimum dose for providing positive results.
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