For connoisseurs, it's not about getting the most expensive or stylish watch; it's always about getting the right eye. The right eye needs to have the proper movement, the proper case, the right look, and a good resale value. Many good options are available, such as Omega Seamaster planet ocean. Although most watch connoisseurs will tell you that reselling your watch collection should be a no-no.

After completing the classics - at least a few vintages, the latest iterations and some great middle-of-the-road ones- the next thing to collect for most connoisseurs are unique watches. These types s have a little something else - a different shape in the dial, new material in the case, even a new movement under it. The Ferrari watch is one good example. 

While many unique watches have been released over the years, only a few are stand-outs. These watches have become part of the watch lexicon, as they have transcended their uniqueness to become a classic. So for watch connoisseurs out there, here are the top unique watches you should add to your collection:

Hamilton Ventura

Likened to a unicorn, the Hamilton Ventura is genuinely one of a kind. It's the first electric watch that popularized triangle watch faces, and in its latest iteration, it's still a daring and pioneering watch. What's great about the Ventura is that there's no mistaking it - from the iconic watch face to its subtle bands and the way it laces on the wrist.

When wearing a Ventura, trust and believe someone knowledgeable will notice. The Chrono quartz may be the best option in many movements, alongside the classic shiny, black leather band. The best part? There are also dedicated variations for the ladies - you can get her one so your watches can be paired.

Audemars Piguet Millenary Grand Complications

This one is for the truly invested. If you want the best of the best and one of the most exclusive, the Millenary Grand Complications Mechanical Hand Wind should be in your vault. A watch that's exclusively released for a time, the watch's face features a skeletonized look, with a tachymeter that's intentionally off-centre.

Everymen must-have a range of men's MVMT watches that feature clean, minimalist silhouettes, quality construction, and precise Japanese quartz movements. Before doing any consideration, check mvmt reviews. To say it's a unique watch is an understatement. Most people will say it looks odd, and that's warranted because most enthusiasts agree that this watch is a curious blend of aesthetics married with quality watchmaking. Featuring a silver colour scheme with blue accents, this is the watch you whip out to impress the big guys.

Breguet Tradition Black Skeleton Dial

Ugh, talk about a good-looking watch. Let's get it out of the way. The Breguet Tradition in Black Skeleton Dial is a handsome watch. The almost mi. The minimalist approach to its presentation only highlights the beauty of the skeleton dial covered by scratch-resistant sapphire. The best part? Its case is 18kt white gold.

The watch's great features continue, though. It's a modest watch at 40mm, with a water-resistance of up to 30m. With a power reserve of 50 hours, which is generous compared to luxury watches with in-house movements, the heart of the eye is a self-winding anthracite movement.

Citizen Eco-Drive Stainless Steel

A Citizen? As a unique watch? Hold on to your seats because this watch will prove you wrong. Here you have an honest look, it may not have the bells and whistles of the others, but it certainly can hold its own. What's great about the Eco-Drive Stainless Steel is its stitched canvass in green, which is environmentally-friendly to the watch's name.

The defining feature of the Eco-Drive is its battery feature - it charges via natural light as well as indoor lighting. Equipped with a mineral crystal dial, with an added water resistance of 100m. Not bad, right? Its movement is in-house Caliber E100, with luminous hands and markers on the dial. It's the perfect everyday watch with a unique twist.


Unique watches' availability may not be as convenient as other watches. But that is the very reason that these watches are sought-after. A watch connoisseur will not want a run-of-the-mill look that can do the job; almost all will want a look that tells the time and with added features and will get the approving nod of their colleagues.