Roof Racks in the World

Road-tripping is something everyone should attempt at least once in a while. The roads you travel, the detours you take, and the challenges you face will transform into a beautiful and everlasting memory.

Traveling in a car also lets you enjoy bonding moments with friends and family with whom you share your trip. However, you may need help packing all the luggage you require for your road adventures inside the boot.

You may have to compromise on the luggage you take with you on the trip or stuff it with you in the passenger space. Both options can leave you in a disadvantageous position and reduce the quality of your travels.

You can also carry your camping gear on your roof rack if you plan on long periods of travel. Although the modern trend for low-cost flights for traveling exists, road trips in cars are an altogether different experience.

Roof racks arrive in all shapes and sizes and are usable for cars ranging from SUVs to compact sedans. You can also choose the roof rack you want to buy by considering the obvious uses for you the roof rack. Here are the top five roof racks in the world that you must consider if you need a roof rack.

1. Cargoloc 2 Piece Aluminum Roof Rack

It is frustrating to arrive at your destination, and I wish you had brought that piece of gear with you that you could not pack in your car. The aluminum roof rack from Cargoloc comprises a high-quality metal, which is also lightweight and sturdy.

These physical properties of aluminum make it an excellent metal for making roof racks. Even though aluminum has less weight than its steel counterparts, these roof racks can carry impressive amounts of weight. The Cargoloc 2-piece roof racks are perfect for carrying your kayak or bicycle while traveling.

The roof rack also includes many features despite its modest price tag. The design of this roof rack is also aerodynamic and sleek, which is excellent if you want a minimalistic roof rack.

2. Front Runner Grab-On Slimline II Roof Rack

If you require something more substantial than a pair of crossbars that attaches to the roof rails of your car, then the Front Runner grab-on slimline roof rack is a great alternative. The whole package consists of a universal roof rack with six legs that attach to the rails on the roof of your car and a wind deflector.

The wind deflector reduces the drag and noise that arises when you are traveling with a roof rack. There is a broad range of accessories available for use with this roof rack that you can use to customize according to your needs. The roof rack is also lightweight; however, it may not fit on a smaller car, such as a compact sedan.

3. Curt 18115 Roof Rack Cargo Carrier

SUV or 4x4

If your vehicle is an SUV or 4x4 off-road, you may use the Curt 18115 roof rack. The roof rack features an enduring powder coat design and a two-piece design capable of providing 11 square feet of cargo space on the top of your car.

You can also increase the capacity of this roof rack even further by purchasing the extension piece compatible with the roof rack. The basket seamlessly fits on the roof of most SUVs and off-road vehicles. Cars like Toyota LandCruiser 70 Series got a 79 Series LandCruiser roof console and an overhead storage unit. It provides additional storage space and is typically mounted on the roof of the vehicle's cabin. The console is commonly used to store items such as maps, sunglasses, radios, and other small accessories, keeping them within easy reach for the driver and passengers.

4. Rhino-Rack Pioneer Roof Rack

Rhino Racks are well known for making premium quality roof racks. The Pioneer roof racks are an excellent premium product that performs and looks the part. The high-quality materials of this roof rack are resistant to corrosion and do not deform or degrade even with constant use.

The Pioneer roof rack also has more rails on the sides for securing the cargo on the roof rack with ropes. You can use many accessories with the Rhino roof rack, such as additional rail kits, which make the rack more convenient and functional.

5. Yakima Loadwarrior

Yakima Loadwarrior is a versatile and straightforward roof rack, and you can attach it directly to multiple types of roof racks or crossbars. The roof rack is ideal for carrying various pieces of luggage, such as camping gear.

The roof rack is also compact, durable, and has many accessory options. By using an extension accessory, you can improve the load-carrying capacity by 40 percent.


A roof rack is a perfect solution to pack extra luggage whenever you travel in your car. Roof racks can increase the available storage space in your vehicle by nearly two times. They are also ideal for packing and storing your adventure gear if you plan to participate in adventure sports activities while traveling.

Roof racks provide plenty of benefits that make it a worthwhile purchase. Roof racks offer more value to you in the long run than the cost of installing them. You can get a universal roof rack that fits almost every type of car. It is also easy to dismantle and refit roof racks on any vehicle when in need.