Good Welder

You might have been researching what it takes to become a welder. A career as a welder can be rewarding provided that you’re going through the right channels in terms of training and certification. For you to get experience from reputable companies like UMW will a great journey to be a good welder, there are some considerations you need to have in mind and we’re going to highlight some of them.


Cleanliness is crucial if you’re to have nice, adhering surfaces. If you’re having steel pipe or black iron welded, you need to use a wire brush. Emery cloth or a wire wheel will help in removing oxidation and rust. Steel is known to rust quickly. That means that the joints will have to be cleaned when the welding is about to be done.

If you’re using a consumable ring to weld copper-nickel pipe, it is important that the ring is not being exposed to the atmosphere more than it should.

Fire Watch and Safety

Just like with any other profession, safety is paramount when working as a welder. You will always be exposed to hazardous situations and it is your responsibility to ensure that you and those around you are safe at all times. Welding will create eye hazards and extreme breathing situations. Never go for cheap welding gear even if you’re on a budget. Special focus should go to the welding mask. There have been improvements over the years when it comes to safety and functionality. Masks have shields with adjustable tints. That means you can use the same mask for grinding and welding. This will reduce the amount of money you have to spend on gear. Make sure to be cautious about breathing hazards with the materials that you’re welding. Besides this, you can visit this site in case you are wondering about How to Become a Certified Welder.

The working environment also needs to be safe at all times. It is your responsibility as a welder to ensure that all the required safety barriers are available on site. You’re required to have a safety permit from the fire department.

Tight Fix-up

In most situations, the best-welded joints are the ones with the best tight fix-up. You will obviously need a taper if the joints are to be but-welded. There are blueprints and processes to be followed in case you’re working with high-pressure systems.

Supporting the Joints and Pipes

You might require extra support for your pipes and joints to improve the quality of the welding job. This might not be achieved by mechanical means alone and welding strong backs will be necessary. Such cases could involve inspection and you will be required to remove the strong back and the birdcage after the work is complete.

Different Types of Welding

There are different types of welding and there is no one single job that is the same as others. Even though there are manuals and processes to be followed, you will be relying on common sense and intuition to deliver a good job. There are constant changes in the welding industry and it is imperative that you’re up to date with what is happening at any time. There are basic skills that are needed regardless of your specialization. Most of the skills will be acquired on the job.

Welding Certification

For people to take you seriously, you need to have proper certifications for the job. You definitely need to be certified if you’re welding on high-pressure applications. You might require special certifications for some jobs. This is understandable as not all jobs are the same and some will require different skills set.


The best experience is learning on the job. No amount of preparation will be sufficient to handle the challenges that you will face during your welding career. The more experience, the better you become at handling the challenges thrown your way. You can also start by being an apprentice even after going through the required training. You will be in a better position to tackle some of the common obstacles that you’re likely to face when working as a welder.

To sum it up, being a good welder is more than having the practical skills. You need to be an all-round individual if you’re to be good at the trade. Staying abreast of the happenings in the industry will give you a competitive advantage. There are so many resources out there that you can use to become better at the trade and there is simply no excuse for not improving on a daily basis. You can check out articles by Gregory if you’re looking to improve.