Prank Call Apps

Prank Dial- Prank Call App

Since its initial release date of 2016 Prank Dial has continued to update its app to provide the highest standard for a prank call app today.

One significant improvement that has been made is its user interface, which is more aesthetic and easier to use compared to prior versions.

This app has a vast collection of pre-recordings which are recorded by professional voice actors. Some of these include originals such as "Why You Call My Girlfriend" and newer additions like 'Food Delivery.'


  1. 150+ pre-recordings
  2. 3 credits given daily
  3. Phone calls are recorded

Call Voice Changer- IntCall

This awesome prank caller app allows you to change your voice during a phone call. Unlike pre-recording apps which are scripted by voice actors, you get to have all the fun while avoiding being recognized.

Whether you want to have a high pitched or low pitched voice, this app has you covered, allowing for versatility when prank calling.

You also have a variety of background sound effects to choose from which can be played in real-time, some of these include sirens, a gong and a dog barking.


  • Change your voice at the touch of a button
  • Add in background sound effects during a call
  • Free credits: New users are given free minutes to test the app, 2 weeks after it is installed
  • PhoneCalls are done over the internet using VOIP and not by your phone company.

Scary Prank- Scare your Friends with Prank Ghosts

If you're in the mood to terrify someone and create a few great jumpscares the Scary Prank app is a must-download.

When the app loads, it will initially appear to be a math game, seemingly harmless enough to fool your unsuspecting friends.

To pull off the prank simply run the app and give your smartphone to the victim, perhaps asking if they're smart enough to figure out the math problem.

Once the game is being played a picture of a ghost will appear with a terrifying scream, causing the jumpscare to take place.


  • App appears to be a Math game
  • A Ghost with unexpectedly jump out with a scream
  • Reactions are recorded
  • Users can upload prank video reactions to an online community

GogoCall- Power Button Call

This is a fake call app which allows you to schedule fake calls to ring yourself. Whether you are stuck at the dentist with your partner or in a boring business meeting, this app can give you a valid excuse to leave.

To make the fake call simply set a name and phone number with the picture you want. Afterwards to receive the call click on the power button 6 times, even if your screen is off or phone locked you will still have an incoming call.


No internet connection required
Click 6 times on the power button to receive a call
No adverts unlike most prank call apps

Prank Call Free- Ownage Pranks

Don't have the time to script your own prank calls and need a helping hand? The OwnagePrank app has a large selection of pre-recordings which are all unique and hysterically funny.

Want to make a prank call asking for their Wifi password or make fun of someone with an embarrassing pharmacy order? OwnagePranks offers these and many more, pre-recordings are categorized under 20 different headings.

Some of these include Neighbours, Food and Restaurants, Birthdays and Creepy, just to name a few.

Using the OwnagePranks app is also simple, taking almost no time at all to finish.

To begin, select the pre-recording from the various scripts available. Enter the number or select the contact from your contacts list, press call and enjoy the prank.

Once finished it will be automatically recorded so you can listen again numerous times.

Prank calls are made convincing as it can make conversational adjustments during a call, this is done by anticipating responses and making its own responses accordingly.

This is automated by its speech recognition technology which will no doubt fool your victim into believing they are in fact speaking to a real person.


  • A large number of call scripts to use for prank calls
  • Prank scripts are added each day
  • Voiced by professional actors
  • Submit and view best reactions on the Ownage Pranks hall of fame
  • Calls are recorded so you can listen as many times as you want
  • Prank calls are used using Wifi and not your phone company.