Although customised plates are a little more expensive than regular ones, many people are willing to pay for the luxury of having private number plates with special meaning on their car. But how much do the most expensive registration plates in the world cost? If you want to know which digits on registration plates have been selling for the highest prices, look at the five most expensive number plates ever sold.


F1 number plate

There’s a wide range of options for people looking for personalized number plates. You must buy these number plates from a reputed number plate maker. You could decide to get a container that bears your initials, a particular date, or the name of your favorite sports team. These registration plates are not as expensive as you think, especially when considering 3d number plates instead of buying a personalized registration number. You can buy a customized plate for under $100 (US). However, you’ll need much more money than that if you want to buy plates bearing some digits. The “F1” registration is an excellent example of a sought-after plate. 

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Indeed, it’s the fifth most expensive number plate ever sold. English businessman Afzal Khan bought it in 2008 for £440,625 (GBP), the most expensive number plate ever sold in Britain. The scale is now attached to the businessman’s Mercedes SLR McLaren. The plate is probably now worth a lot more. In recent years, the buyer was reportedly offered £6 million (GBP) for it, which is around $7.7 million (US). Most people wouldn’t refuse millions for a piece of metal that attaches to your car, but Khan declined that incredible offer.

25 O

The fourth most Private number reg plate ever sold was bought by a Ferrari dealer in 2014. Now attached to a Ferrari 250GT SWB, which was previously owned by iconic guitarist Eric Clapton, the registration plate bearing the relevant digits “25 O” sold for an incredible £518,000 (GBP), which is around $665,000 (US).


In 2007, Talal Ali Mohammed Khoury from Abu Dhabi broke the world record for the most expensive registration plate ever purchased when he purchased a plate bearing the single digit “5” for 25 million Dirhams. That’s around $6 million (US). When asked what significance the number 5 had for him, he answered that it had none whatsoever. As if that number plate wasn’t enough, Talal Ali Mohammed Khoury also bought the registration plate “55” at the same auction for around $1 million (US).



Although not due for auction until 2020, the number plate BU66ETY has already received many pre-registered bids. Bugatti makes expensive cars, ranging from $3 million (US) for its basic model to $19 million (US) for its La Voiture Noire. So, it’s no wonder Bugatti owners worldwide are interested in buying the BU66ETY plate. How much is the number plate expected to go for? A whopping £5.1 million (GBP), around $6.4 million (US). Therefore, it will become the second most expensive number plate ever sold.

number 1

Appropriately, at the top of the list is a number plate bearing the single number “1”. The most expensive number dish was bought by a businessman from Abu Dhabi called Saeed Abdul Ghaffer Khouri in 2008. The plate dates to before 1963, when the dating of number plates first came into play. Although the buyer has not declared which of his vehicles has the number plate, he did say he bought it because the number 1 is the best. One thing’s for sure: he’s got the number one most-expensive license plate ever sold. He paid a staggering £7.25 million (GBP), around $9.3 million (US).