Behind Engineered Garments

In the fashion world of today, it is pretty challenging to find something that is unique, while being elegant at the same time. You get new designers and exotic clothing lines all the time, but most are extremely over the top and would fit many descriptions, except stylish. It is probably a trend of the modern lives, we lead to often go for the bizarre, both in terms of design and comfort. This is why it’s quite refreshing when you do stumble upon a designer that puts in the effort to create a fashion line that is innovative as it is chic. And Daiki Suzuki did just that with Engineered Garments.

How it started

Daiki Suzuki has already been a household name in Japan when he first started Engineered Garments. It’s an in-house brand under the legendary Japanese label Nepenthes. Still, Engineered Garments has separated itself from the mother company by offering unique designs for men’s sportswear and hunting outfits, under the keen supervision of fashion designer Daiki Suzuki for over 15 years.

Based in New York, Engineered Garments has managed to establish itself in the market as a leading men’s wear outlet, inspired by the love and passion Suzuki had for American fashion. As a person who spent much of his youth enjoying outdoor activities like sports, fishing, and cycling in particular, Suzuki developed a huge interest in bikes and the cycling world. He even dreamed of doing it professionally, before being intrigued by the fashion world in the 70s.

His journey took him through school and university, which he left to join a fashion design institute, and then to work in retail stores. Throughout his different experiences, Suzuki would learn and grow so he could achieve his lifelong dream of becoming a fashion designer. He later joined Nepenthes and traveled to the USA to liaise between the company suppliers there and home. There was a growing interest in American fashion back in Japan, which is something he noticed. Years down the line, with the success of Nepenthes in the USA with several stores opened, Suzuki went on to establish his own clothing line, using his extensive knowledge of the retail and fashion world. And like that, Engineered Garment was born.

The brand

  • By the late nineties – early 2000s, Suzuki was already putting out pieces of clothing under his newly founded lines, still under the Nepenthes label. But it was in 2002 that he launched his first full collection with the support of the mother company.
  • The idea was simple –– create a contemporary clothing line with influences of American outdoor clothing, sportswear, and military/hunting uniforms. This has led to the creation of a unique fashion line that is a mishmash of Japanese craftsmanship and the American sense of fashion, as you can see on, which shows the intricate level of fabrication and sophisticated attention to detail that have helped the brand stand out among the rest of the competition. It is basically blending classic American fashion with Japanese aesthetics and a keen eye for beautiful details.
The brand since then has significantly expanded all over the world over the course of 15 years, with retailers in countries everywhere. Suzuki has also been awarded several awards for his prominent work, such as the GQ/CFDA Best New Menswear Designers in America Award.

What makes engineered garments unique?

You can’t really pinpoint what is it that makes Engineered Garments special, because there are so many different details intricately crafted into each piece that you would find a hard time absorbing and appreciating them all individually. Yet, you will still be able to appreciate the ingenuity and superior craftsmanship put into each piece they put out. They have made a reputation for themselves as a ‘Japanese new Americana’ aesthetic value, which provided consumers with something they had not seen before. Known for their shirts, cargo and fatigue pants, blazer-like jackets, and diversity in fabrics for each and every product, Engineered Garments has made a huge name for itself in the USA market and around the globe.

Signature pieces

Signature pieces

This mesmerizing parka is unlike any you’ve ever seen before, with its nylon satin exterior and fur lining. Its beautiful color and stunning design are complemented by a brimmed hood, large hand pockets, and a chic belted waist. It’s the perfect jacket for windy and cold weather, but it’s also functional and elegant, an instant classic for most people.

Bedford Jacket

The Bedford Jacket is one of the Engineered Garments’ signature pieces that made them very popular with fashion aficionados all over the world. This heritage sportswear jacket comes with a 3 removable button design as well as four exterior patch pockets. The great thing about this unique jacket is the fact that Engineered Garments release it every year in different colors and fabrics, so you’d get to choose out of different many different options if you want.

CPO Shirt Jacket

This military shirt stands out among its peers for its intricate designs and beautiful colors. It’s also one of the company’s most popular pieces and is released every year in different colors and fabrics to cater to different tastes. With four patch pockets, corduroy lined collar, and snap closures all over make it quite the unique shirt to have.

Andover Pants

The Andover Pants are a special mishmash of dress and casual pants, and it works on both occasions. Made out of a wool blend in an extremely elegant design, this pair of pants works for different weather conditions, and it will help you stand out in any place you visit. You can dress it up with a blazer if you want, or down with a casual jacket, which makes it quite flexible for different occasions.

Engineered Garments have designed some of the most memorable outfits in the American fashion scene over the past 15 years, and it will continue to do so. With an expert team led by a visionary designer, we can only expect to see more unique pieces of clothing that are a special mishmash of Japanese aesthetic and American fashion sense.