Awesome Team Building Games

Team building games bring the staff together by promoting teamwork and collaboration. Team building activities such as games help the team to see each other outside the office and to connect in a different environment. The leading establishments in the UAE know the importance of these activities.

Why Team Building Games are Beneficial

Team bonding activities for work foster collaboration and boost the team’s performance. After team building activities, employees can solve workplace problems because they understand each other’s strengths and weaknesses. This improves workplace performance on future projects.

When teams compete, it increases productivity. This way, teams can bond over an exciting, inclusive team-building activity. When a team wins in a competition, they celebrate, which motivates them to win more. This is translated into the workplace, where employees work harder to improve their results.

12 Amazing Team Building Games for Your Team

Building Games for Your Team

Team building games are supposed to be fun and educative. There is no use going out of the office to partake in boring activities. Below are exciting team building games to keep the team engaged:


This is a simple activity that involves 2 or more participants. Individual A shares a negative experience in his life with participant B. Partner A repeats the experience, but this time focusing on the positive side. Participant B helps to explore the good on the negative. They later switch roles.

Game of Possibilities

Leadership training Dubai experts use this game because it is simple and effective. Give an individual in every group an object and let them demonstrate its uses in front of the group. The rest must guess what these individuals are talking about.

Scavenger Hunt

Training companies in Dubai engage team members in fun activities by dividing them into small groups and assigning hem goofy tasks. These activities have a deadline, and the team that completes the tasks faster wins.

Purpose Mingle

Sometimes, team building Dubai experts might conduct indoor activities like purpose mingle. Have everybody walk around and share with the colleagues what they wish to achieve at the end of the team building activity.

Human Knot

In this activity, the training company in Dubai coach instructs the members to grab a random arm with their right hand. The team then stretches their left hands and grabs random arms from different people.

Mine Field

You need blindfolds and handheld objects, such as balls. Place these items on an open field, have 1 team member wear a blindfold. The other person has to lead his partner from one side of the field to the next without tripping on the objects.

Perfect Square

Training companies in Dubai use this game for many individuals. You need blindfolds and a long rope. Have the team stand in a circle while holding the rope, and then have them wear the blindfolds and place the rope down. Have them walk for a distance then return to try and form a square with the rope.

Barter Puzzle

Divide the team into small groups and assign them a jigsaw puzzle with the same challenges. This is to see which team cooperates to finish the task quickly and find some pieces which are hidden in other groups.

The Egg Drop

Give each team an uncooked egg and have them use various office supplies to build a contraption around it. This should protect the egg when dropped. It should not break. Give them 30 minutes to do this, after which you can drop the eggs to see which survives.

Blind Drawing

Divide the group into teams of 2 and have them sit back to back. Give one a picture, and the other gives a pencil and a paper. The individual with the picture describes it without saying what it is, while his partner draws.

Truth and Lies

Have the team sit in a circle where each individual has to give 3 facts about himself and a lie. The lie has to be believable. Other team members have to figure out the lie. This is an excellent ice breaker.

This is Better Than That

Choose 4 different objects and divide the team into groups. Explain a scenario where each group has to solve a task using only the provided objects. Let the groups rank the objectives from the most important to the least. This fosters creativity and problem-solving skills.

Team building games should not only be aimed at learning but also in having fun. Most employees dread boring team building activities; this means even if they participate, they end up learning nothing. Team building games are beneficial for both the staff and the corporation that is why individuals need to enjoy and learn at the same time. These activities also foster cooperation and teamwork among the staff in the workplace.